This is Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet

Satellite internet. It’s that easy to summarize what Starlink offers, the service from SpaceX, the space company of Tesla founder Elon Musk. Starlink has already started offering its services in Spain and it could be the definitive solution for those who do not yet have sufficient infrastructure to connect to the internet.

Starlink enables internet connection with a satellite dish from anywhere with a clear sky

In urban environments there are several ways to connect to the Internet: ADSL, fiber optic, 4G … But this changes in remote locations, in places with complicated orography or poor infrastructure. If any of these locations have clear skies and no obstacles nearby (tall buildings, deciduous trees, a shady area of ​​a mountain), a small, sky-facing satellite dish will be sufficient to capture the signal from the Starlink satellite constellation and there will be broadband internet connection.

Starlink offers A kit with a small satellite dish easily adjustable size, support and cable as well as a wireless router. This kit can be returned after 30 days if the user is not satisfied with this service, which is in the trial phase. A test phase that has been given the humorous name Better Than Nothing Beta (Beta Better Than Nothing).

The price for the service advertised in Spain is 499 euros for the connection kit plus 60 euros shipping costs and a service price of 99 euros per month. In return, satellite internet access is provided with download speeds of 50 Mbit / s to 150 Mbit / s with latencies between 20 ms and 40 ms. Starlink warns of possible occasional incidents and business interruptions at these times of the start of its services.

The idea of ​​launching satellites into space to connect to the internet isn’t new and Facebook has been working on it, but SpaceX is the first to receive it, just a few months since it managed to text a text from Earth orbit to send. SpaceX is the private space company founded and led by Elon Musk (also founder and CEO of Tesla). It has been operating its Starlink service since the end of last year, albeit in the beta phase.

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