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In a context like the current one, where competitiveness among companies of any size and sector is at its highest, working in environments that offer speed, agility and security when carrying out any task and management is essential.. Being a priority for potential customers and being better prepared against the competition can translate in the short term into greater customer loyalty and increased revenue for any organization.

It is therefore not surprising that, taking into account different published studies, already more than 50% of companies have decided to take a step further and work in the cloud. Cloud storage is one of the essential pillars of the much-needed digital transformation. In the 21st century, every company must carry out this transformation conscientiously and make unparalleled progress. But which enterprise solution to choose? which is the most reliable? how do we know that we are choosing the best? which option offers us the most advantages and, above all, the most options for growth?

One of the fastest growing in recent years, and used by small, medium and large companies, is Dataprius. It has already become a benchmark for cloud storage offers all employees and departments, regardless of the company’s sector of activity, a secure and flexible environment to share and manage something as important as their own documents.

Moreover, with a clear advantage for all users: regardless of their technological level, they can see from the very first minute how Dataprius uses a state-of-the-art intranet, yes, but also very simple and dynamic so that any employee can feel comfortable and secure when using it.. With an easy-to-use folder and file system and software with guaranteed security and data protection.

Dataprius, the most effective proposal to conventional Cloud storage.

Since its birth a decade ago as a promising Spanish startup, Dataprius has been in crescendo and accessing a multitude of markets and sectors of various kinds. In fact, nowadays it already has customers in more than 30 countries around the world that place it as the most complete solution for companies in terms of cloud storage.

But really, what sets it apart from other options? Dataprius has taken the lead thanks to:

-A set-up in a matter of seconds. No major installations.

-Easy and practical to use, even for less technological employees, and replacing virtual disks, NAS, file servers, classic Intranets, FTP servers and VPN networks in terms of functionality.

-Allows multiple users to be connected and working at the same time.

-Fast and practical management when sharing documents, folders…

-Access of permissions to users according to roles in the company for the control of the information.

-Offers all the information needed by the company in a centralized, orderly and secure way.

-Fully complies with all the requirements of the RGPD.

-Highest level of protection against ransomware and other threats.

-Quick and efficient customer service for resolving possible incidents or doubts.

-Makes use of a system that eliminates the inconvenience of file synchronization.

The confidence of having automatic and manual backups.

It is clear that data is the real ‘gold’ of any organization. And therefore, these must be cared for and guarded with rigor and the utmost security.. In this respect, Dataprius offers the possibility of having a automatic weekly backup. In other words, the application stores and retrieves backups from any geographical storage area, independent of the primary Dataprius servers. So the data is always protected to the maximum.

This not only provides peace of mind in knowing that there is always a backup of the company files.. But also, it allows significant savings when it comes to buying backup hardware such as NAS or external hard drives and managing them. Now, two clicks are enough to generate a copy of all the files and have them available when and how they are needed.

Another difference of Dataprius – which also performs cloud storage in duplicate of all files – as an outstanding solution for companies in cloud storage, is that it offers a complete software package. This includes online Office document editing, backups, chat, video conferencing and web application integration. So companies do not have to resort to external programs.

A platform that, in reality, acts as a SAAS (Software as a Service) system, where. each organization pays the right amount for the capabilities it needs at any given time. No tranches or blocks of users for contracting.

In short, Dataprius is a state-of-the-art cloud file system that is easy to use and quick to implement with a priority objective: that any company can have a corporate network for working and teleworking with the company’s documents in just a few minutes. Thus gaining flexibility, better management, maximum security and be an organization to the last and prepared for new technological challenges.

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