This is the Google Pixel Watch 2, Google’s new smart watch

Pixel Watch 2

Google has taken a new leap into the world of wearables with the launch of its latest smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch 2. This device has been meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive experience in terms of health, physical activity, safety and productivity. It will make it onto the list of the best smartwatches on the market in its own right.

What is the Pixel Watch 2 like?

The Pixel Watch 2 stands out for its advanced heart rate monitoring capabilitythanks to a new multi-path sensor and Google’s artificial intelligence.

This combination provides highly accurate cardiac monitoring, enabling advanced health and fitness features. This includes sleep monitoring, high and low heart rate notifications, and daily assessment of the user’s recovery level after physical activity.

To address stress and agitation, the Pixel Watch 2 incorporates body response and skin temperature sensors, providing a complete set of tools to manage stress. The data from continuous electrodermal activityheart rate variability, heart rate and skin temperature are used to detect moments of acute responses of the body, such as reactions to stressful situations.

When a body response is detected through these sensors, the Fitbit watch and app will guide the user in intervention techniques, such as guided breathing exercises or walks, to help you regain calm. Trends are also shown over time to identify patterns and make adjustments to the routine.

The Pixel Watch 2 is an ideal ally for physical activities. Offers automatic reminders to start and end workouts and can automatically detect up to seven activities common like running or cycling. With heart rate zone training, the watch guides the user through different personalized heart rate zones to achieve the set goals. Additionally, the Rhythm Training function helps maintain rhythm during exercises.

Advanced security on the Pixel Watch 2

Security is a priority on the Pixel Watch 2. To do this, it introduces features such as fall detection and emergency notifications, which provide peace of mind to users in critical situations. Safety Check allows users to set timers for specific situations and share their location or contact emergency services if no response is received. The medical information option is also available to share relevant health data with medical professionals in case of an emergency.

The Pixel Watch 2 integrates Google applications and services directly, including Google Assistant, Gmail, Calendar… In addition, the Google Assistant has been improved to facilitate access to user statistics in real time, both health and activity. physical.

Pixel Watch 2 style and design

The watch stands out for its modern design, also committed to sustainability. Its chassis 100% recycled aluminum It is lighter and more durable. It offers a battery life of up to 24 hours with the always-on display and fully charges in just 80 minutes, allowing for continuous use day and night.

The Pixel Watch 2 is the perfect companion for other Google devices, like Pixel phones. Integrating features like Find My Device, Google Assistant, and smart home device control offers a seamless user experience.

The Pixel Watch 2 comes in four color combinations:

-Polished silver/light blue

-Matte black/obsidian

-Champagne gold/lichen green

-Polished silver/porcelain

Additionally, it offers a wide range of straps, from sporty to elegant, to suit any occasion.

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