This is the Netflix documentary about Tinder

Thefts on Tinder

On February 2, the documentary “The Tinder Swindler” (“The Tinder Swindler”) will be released on the streaming platform Netflix, whose trailer can already be seen and shows a glimpse into the disturbing topic it addresses: the risks that can occur through the use of certain social networks.

The documentary “The Tinder Swindler” deals with a real case of fraud originating through the social network Tinder

In this title, which promises to become one of the best documentaries on Netflix, it is the true story of a billionaire, Simon Leviev, with dual Russian and Israeli citizenship, who was arrested in June 2019 accused of theft and fraud offenses committed against numerous women around the world whom he had contacted through Tinder.

The documentary includes interviews with Leviev’s victims, women he seduced after contacting them on Tinderand after inviting them to splendid trips (including luxury restaurants and hotels, high-end cars and private plane rides) that made them think he was a wealthy businessman, he would take advantage of that appearance, swindling them by asking them for loans and sending large sums of money, arguing problems that turned out to be nothing more than deception. After receiving these amounts Leviev would disappear.

The Norwegian media Verdens Gang investigated the matter for several months after the first complaints by his victims, causing Leviev to end up pursued by justice in several countries, in a story that now tells this Netflix documentary.

Its role and influence in the lives of millions of users have led to the production of a number of documentaries on social networks, available online and on multiple streaming platforms.

Some of the negative consequences that can result from abuse generated on social networks have prompted specific features to counteract it, something that Tinder has enabled by including features to prevent harassment.

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