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Wikipedia, one of the 10 most visited websites in the world.edited by thousands of volunteers and used by billions of users every month, has updated its look and feel for the first time in a decade with the goal of becoming more accessible and easier to use.

The Wikipedia website is operated by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.

After improving the way of editing content on Wikipedia in October 2022, Wikipedia now modifies its visual appearance, more refined but not a radical change. However, one of the most important improvements has to do with the internal search engine. The menu for changing the language has also been changed and is now displayed in a more prominent location for easier operation.

To enhance usability, the position of the most common links in the header has also been relocated, in addition to updating the functioning of table of contentsnow located on the left side, allowing you to navigate through the different sections that make up a result page.

For example the new search engine is now able to use both images and descriptions in autocomplete suggestions, which can help speed up searches. Also the main menu is kept pinned to the top of the that you do not have to scroll vertically all the way down to return to the top of the article to select an option in the main menu.

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These are not radical changes since Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit association that manages Wikipedia, has not wanted to implement an aesthetic break with its recognizable and traditional look, but it does recognize the will to approach the needs of current and future generations of Internet users, especially those who will arrive in the future to the online world and are not yet familiar with the Net.

To develop this new aspect, the Wikimedia Foundation has made use of the work of more than thirty volunteers from different countries of all continents, having as one of the premises the objective of. approximate the consistency of the web version to that offered by the mobile app. of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia currently offers more than 58 million articles in more than 300 languages, consulted by more than 16 billion users each month.. The desktop version update is currently available in more than 95% of the international versions of Wikipedia for 318 languages.

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