This is the new Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite [Vídeo]

Today we analyze the new Mi Watch Lite from Xiaomi, a smart watch coming to the table that will become one of the cheapest on the market with better features. Obviously with fewer functions than the normal Xiaomi watch, but at a significantly lower price.

If you want to have your first smartwatch, or if you want to have a very competent smartwatch without much effort to operate, be sure to take care as this gadget might interest you. Check out our list of the best smartwatches of 2020 and this video in which we tell you everything about the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite:

In this unboxing you can see the content, which consists of the watch itself, a charger with USB connection and a small instruction manual. Very minimalist, as is common in Xiaomi.

To use it you need Download the Xiaomi Wear Lite app, necessary to be able to pair it with our mobile phone, which must work at least with Android 5 or iOS 10 or of course with later versions.

The design is spectacular and reminiscent of Apple’s iWatch. It only weighs 35 grams and has one 1.4 inch full color LCD screen. You can customize your screen with different types of spheres and all you have to do is slide to see the different options: heart rate monitor, sleep measurement, breath control … and very important GPS so you can use it to exercise. without your cell phone, and then the information is transferred straight to your cell phone.

There are seven sport modes that you can use to configure your workout. The battery is 230 mAh, which is guaranteed an autonomy of 9 daysAccording to the company, this also depends on how you use your cell phone. In addition, you can exchange the bracelets as the company made them in different colors (currently black, blue and white and other colors will be offered in the future), all for less than 59 euros.

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