This is Vivaldi, the new web browser

Vivaldi is a new web browser developed by one of the developers of the Opera browser. Its most standout features include a strong defense of user privacy as well as betting on a new tab management. Fortunately, alternatives to traditional browsers like this one continue to appear.

Vivaldi is a web browser that increases security and makes tab management easier

What is special about Vivaldi? For example, with regards to one of the top concerns of surfers, security, Vivaldi has full control over the trackers that websites use to monitor web browsing, as well as a notice that indicates that a password has been set in one of the common cases Attacks on websites and servers were disclosed. This is also a great way to tell if you are using weak passwords.

But Vivaldi is also capable of that Block these online trackers and even block intrusive advertisements. With bookmarks and other information stored in the browser, Vivaldi enables protected synchronization through end-to-end encryption, which ensures maximum security with this information.

In terms of Tab managementIf many navigators have a large number of navigators open while moving around the web, Vivaldi can use them to group them so that they can be moved, closed, or saved together for later retrieval. The display of the tabs offers the possibility of Stack them vertically or split or tile the browser window in half.

An interesting utility is the one that allows you to find the most used applications in a sidebar like YouTube, Instagram or WhatsApp. This integrates social networks and instant messaging platforms in the browser itself so that they can be consulted while surfing the Internet without leaving Vivaldi. You can also access the most popular consulting websites in this sidebar.

The system tray of this web browser contains the search for functions (which avoids searching through the menu) and a variety of quick commands as an alternative to keyboard shortcuts. While this doesn’t mean they don’t exist, it can actually be customized by creating your own keyboard shortcuts.

There is a particularly practical use here in the toolbar: a grade manager Here you can jot down ideas, attach screenshots and even write markdown text. And finally, it should be noted that it is Vivaldi Compatible with Chrome Web Store Extensions.

Vivadi is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android operating systems.

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