This is what Apple Vision Pro glasses are like: price and availability

Although they were presented at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2023, at that time the apple company did not specify when its Apple Vision Pro glasses, its mixed reality device, would hit the market.

However, the expectation for the arrival of Apple's new gadget was maximum. Now they are a reality and, since January 19, 2024, Apple's mixed reality glasses can be purchased in pre-sale, although as we will see, it is practically impossible. In addition, it will be from February 2, 2024 when Apple makes the first shipments, although the announced date is more than likely to suffer delays.

If you want to buy Apple Vision Pro glasses, in this article we will tell you what you have to do, although we already told you that it is not an easy task.

How to buy Apple Vision Pro glasses

As we say, Apple's mixed reality glasses can be reserved in the Apple Store from January 19, 2024. What happens is that all the available models – despite their high price – were sold out in a matter of minutes. At the moment, Apple has not confirmed when more stock will go on sale.

What Apple has pointed out is that, due to high demand, there will be delays in serving some of the models, which may not reach their buyers until well into the month of March.

There are analysts who point out that the real reason is that Apple cannot manufacture many units at the same time, since the screens have a higher resolution than other Apple devices and their manufacturing process is more expensive.

It is estimated that between half a million and one million units will be produced, what happens is that it is a small amount compared to the figures used when the new iPhones are launched and, therefore, it is expected that it will not be enough to meet high demand.

The glasses allow you to interact in three dimensions with the applications. They have an input system that controls the eyes, hands and voice, and has a specific App Store to download games and apps from the Apple Vision Pro.

They have two micro-OLED screens, with 23 million pixels. With them you can access content on streaming platforms, and moments can be captured on a real scale. They are fully customizable and adjustable to the user's face and feature Apple's new vision operating system.

Its battery exceeds two hours in use. They have WiFi 6 and the M2 and R1 chip to process the input from 12 cameras, five sensors and six microphones. To ensure user privacy, it uses an iris authentication system called Optic ID.

Prices and availability

The fact that there is not only a single model of Apple Vision Pro glasses, but that up to three different types are marketed, depending on the storage capacity they offer (256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB) also complicates the manufacturing and distribution of the product.

Availability is limited in all models, despite the high price of the devices. The cost of Apple's Vision Pro glasses with 26 GB is $3,499 and, even so, the available units were sold out in minutes. The 512 GB model costs $3,699 and the 1TB model costs $3,899.

These are high amounts, to which we must add the price of the accessories that you want to incorporate: an external battery costs $199, the same as a hard case or ZEISS optical lenses. If you also want to purchase the extra Apple Care assistance, you have to add $499.

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