This is what the new AirPods Pro 2 and the new Apple Watch look like

Apple Watch Ultra

Alongside the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, Apple on Wednesday unveiled several other new devices, new wireless headphones and three variants of its smartwatch.

The Apple Watch debuts three variants: the “model of the year” (Series 8), a “lightened” version of features and price (SE) and the most advanced and oriented to sports activities (Ultra)

-Apple Watch SE: This is Apple’s most affordable smartwatch. It incorporates new motion sensors, with fall and accident detection and automatic emergency call. Its price starts at 299 euros.

-Apple Watch Series 8: This year’s evolution of the brand’s smartwatch incorporates a temperature sensor with features specifically geared towards the menstrual cycle monitoring. It includes fall and accident detection, new dials, complications and straps, and its battery offers up to 18 hours of autonomy in normal mode. It is sold from 499 euros.

-Apple Watch Ultra: This is a variant developed in order to meet the demands of users who practice high-level sports activities, including specific features for diving or mountaineering. As a great novelty, along with a titanium case with a larger and reinforced size, it includes a new customizable button and extended battery life. The price starts at 999 euros.

-AirPods Pro 2: This is the second generation of the brand’s in-ear wireless headphones. The great novelty is a noise cancellation capable of doubling the power of the previous generation. The battery autonomy is also increased and a small speaker is included that emits a sound in case of loss. The price is 299 euros.

airPods headphones

In addition Apple has confirmed the release date of the final version of its iOS 16 operating system which will arrive on September 12. This new version of Apple’s operating system for its smartphones will not be compatible with iPhone 7 and earlier.

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