This is Workvivo by Zoom, the alternative to closing Meta’s Workplace

Meta has announced the closure of Facebook Workplace, its business productivity tool, the version for corporate environments of the Facebook social network.

Although the closure will occur gradually, until the final closure, which will take place in May 2026, the company has already confirmed which will be the only partner it recommends for the transition of users to another alternative platform: Workvivo by Zoom.

It is a little-known tool until now, of which we are going to give you all the details in this article. If you were a Facebook Workplace user, you will end up using it and migrating all your content on the Meta social network to this new platform, so it is worth getting to know it in more depth:

What is Workvivo by Zoom

Workvivo is a company focused on simplifying messaging within companies, offering employees a complete experience. It is a productivity suite where employees can be in contact with co-workers, workers from other departments and also external people with whom they develop a professional relationship.

It is what is known as a “User Experience Platform (EXP)”, an “all-in-one” application for an organization’s employees that combines internal communication tools, interaction, recognition and analytical functionalities.

It could be understood as a version 2.0 of a corporate intranet, with social and communicative tools. In Workvivo each employee has their own profile, they can follow other profiles and publish content in their update feed. The visual aspect of the platform is very similar to that of social networks like Facebook.

Zoom – the popular video call communications tool – acquired Workvivo in 2023 and has since worked to integrate all its capabilities and functionalities into the current Zoom platform.

Workvivo by Zoom profile

How to use Workvivo by Zoom: Pricing plans

Workvivo can be downloaded directly from the Zoom app marketplace. All features can be used both from the web and through its apps for Android and iPhone mobile phones.

Of course, it is a payment tool, the amount of which varies depending on the corporation and the number of employees who will have access to the platform.

There are two plans:

-Business Plan (for companies with 100 to 2,000 employees) that has access to all communication tools, digital work space, interaction tools, analytics…

-Enterprise Plan (for companies with more than 2,000 employees) that includes additional functionalities such as having a corporate account manager to resolve any incident that may arise, dedicated customer service, streaming capacity and unlimited storage…

In both cases, it is necessary to contact a Workvivo by Zoom commercial agent through their website to receive a personalized quote.

What you can do in Workvivo by Zoom: main features

Workvivo is intended as a productivity tool in which a company’s employees can communicate with each other and have access to all the tools necessary to perform their work.

-Employee profile: It is similar to the profile of any social network. Along with the photograph and description, the user has a “wall” where they can make their publications, which will be seen by the people who follow them (coworkers, bosses, etc.). In the profile you can also integrate accounts on other social networks, see the events you have signed up for, the Spaces in which you participate, etc.

-Communication tools: It has direct messaging for each employee, a corporate chat tool as well as a space to share announcements and important company news.

-Spaces: They are places where users of the platform can join to find people with common interests or to carry out work groups… There is a search engine to join new Spaces within Workvivo by Zoom.

spaces in workvivo

-Goals: Organizations can establish Goals to motivate their employees and ensure that they achieve the proposed objectives. This is an area in which gamification and achieving goals are practiced through the platform. Badges and insignia of recognition can be obtained for achievements.

-Video calls: Of course, the integration of Workvivo into Zoom allows users of the platform to connect to Zoom meetings through events in Workvivo, synchronizing them with their calendar easily. They just have to click on the “Open in Zoom” button of any event in Workvivo to start a video call with the attendees.

-Storage: Document storage capacity, a cloud to share collaborative work…

-Analytics: Insights can be obtained about the performance of the platform and each of the employees: interaction statistics, content statistics, etc.

-Permissions policy and user levels: Various levels can also be assigned to each of them, so that they have access to some functionalities and not others.

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