This Miui trick allows you to put 6 icons in the dock of your phone

We continue with another tutorial to improve your Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phone, as they are all compatible. On this occasion we want to tell you a trick to add 6 apps to the bottom of your phone.

Add more icons to the dock of your Xiaomi phone

more icons on miui 12 screen

Thanks to Miui and its high level of customization, we can perform tricks and modifications almost to our liking. However this feature of adding so many icons to the bottom of your phone, does not come by default, and we will have to “add it ourselves”.

Normally at the bottom “Fixed” we have 4 applications (usually Camera/Calls/SMS/Browser). And no doubt many of us fall short. Since we would want to add WhatsApp, Telegram , Instagram, Youtube, Fornite or any other app we use quite a bit.

Unfortunately, in Miui they do not let us add more applications, but with this tutorial, we show you how you can have more!

Add up to 6 apps to the bottom fixed part of your phone

  • To do this we have to click on a blank space on the desktop of our phone

icons on screen

  • These options will appear at the bottom of the screen. We must click on the option of settings

xiaomi screen icons

  • Click on the last option that says “More”.

xiaomi icon size

  • Now we click on icon size and we will access a menu where we will have to set the size in XS
  • Then we go back to the previous menu and click on the option where it says “home screen design” and place 5X6 and we go out.

more icons on screen miui 12

Now as you can see, you will be able to drag up to 6 applications to the bottom navigation pinned partwhich will allow us to open those applications on any desktop in a much faster way.

now another trick! To increase the size of the desktop apps

Once you have added the icons to the bottom, if you want to you will be able to increase the size of the desktop icons to how you had themif you want to increase the size of the desktop icons, go back to the options we have seen and where it says “icon size” put them back to default or to your liking.

You will see that the applications on the desktop become bigger and you still keep the 6 apps in the dock navigation dock.

are you having problems or not getting the options to resize icons? DPI

what if this doesn’t work on your phone? Don’t worry, there are some cases and models of phones that won’t let you do it this way, but don’t worry, there is a very simple solution to see more icons on your phone.

  • Go to Settings/system info and click 7 times on Miui version to enable developer options
  • Then go to Settings/additional settings/developer options
  • Scroll down until you find the option that says “smaller width“and remember that number in case you want to put it back as it was

change dpi xiaomi

  • Now go ahead and change it to the value 410you will see that the icons have changed and are now smaller

Datum: The larger this number is, the smaller the icons will be seen

This way yes or yes, will change the DPI level of your screen on your Xiaomi, allowing the insertion of more icons on the screen.

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