Thor’s hammer has special powers and always accompanies him on his adventures

Thor is the god of thunder from Norse mythology and a current character because cinema made him fashionable. Thor was the son of Odin and married Sif, a golden haired deity. Thor’s hammer was a very powerful tool and it had a name called Mjöllnir. Loki, the god of deception, was Odin’s brother. He was very fond of calamity, which caused great trouble for Odin. However, since it was his brother, he could not be banished from Asgard.

Thor's hammer
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A prank by Loki made Thor’s wife unhappy

One of his greatest antics had consequences. It was when Loki almost made Sif bald. Thor’s wife was proud of her golden hair. It fell on his shoulders like a golden shower. Loki interrupted her while she slept. Sif saw herself without hair and was so ashamed that she hid in the garden so that no one could see her. When Thor arrived, he looked for her in the house and finally found her behind a stone that was crying with great bitterness.

The god of thunder blamed Loki for the misfortune of his wife, who felt trapped and could not deny the fact. He finally promised to return Sif’s hair, under the oath that if he did not, he would die at Thor’s hands.

Loki promised to compensate Sif so that he no longer suffered

At this point Loki began the journey into the underworld in search of the Black Elves, who were recognized as children of Ivaldi. Only they could fulfill Loki’s order, a golden hair that will replace that which Sif lost due to her calamity. The dwarfs began their work and made fine gold hair from the best selected bars.

Thor, Sif y Loki
Sif and her hair. Picture from Mitos y más:

When the elves ordered Sif’s hair of great beauty, Loki commissioned two more presents for Odin and Frey. When the presents were ready, he brought them to Asgard. They were a spear that always hit the mark and a boat that could fit into a handkerchief.

Who and why created Thor’s hammer?

Although he did not recognize it, one of the artisan dwarves, Brok, followed him. When Loki handed the presents to his brother, Brok stepped in and posed a challenge. He told Loki that he and his brother could give more wonderful gifts than the ones he had. Then they bet with Loki’s head that the dwarf’s three gifts couldn’t be better than the one Loki had.

While the brothers were working in the forge, Loki sent horseflies to bite them and not complete their mission. But the dwarfs’ tenacity was stronger and they kept working despite the painful bites.

When Brok reached Odin’s advice, the gods were already gathered and awaiting him. One by one, he presented the new gifts they had given. A fine gold ring named Draupnir for Odin who had the magic of multiplying equally by nine every nine nights.

A golden boar named Gullinbursti for Frey so he could ride him whenever he wanted. Finally, the powerful hammer named Mjölnir for Thor, who can destroy mountains, throw lightning and thunder and return to his hands no matter how far he throws it.

Odin gave up the bet on Brok and his brothers and Loki had to pay with his head. However, he was very cunning and said it was impossible to cut off the head without cutting off the neck. But since the neck was not involved in the bet, Loki was able to save his life. From that moment on, Thor’s hammer was inseparable from him.

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