Three important new features are coming to Google Maps

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Google is finding in recent times unexpected competitors with regards to continuing as a preferred tool for searching and discovering, in addition to leisure planning.

Google Maps is looking to reclaim the use for location discovery that some users have delegated to social networks

So in a spirit to counter rivals like Instagram – which has just launched its own interactive map – and TikTok, different new features have been added to Google Maps that can reinforce that role in travel and route planning, as well as providing new ways to discover places and establishments.

These novelties are mainly three, as we tell you below:

-Aerial and immersive views of more than 100 places of special interest: This is the new immersive view mode in Google Maps presented last May at the Google I/O conference and allows, from the recreation of different unique locations through three-dimensional models based on a combination of satellite, aerial and Street View views.

Now they reach a hundred these locations located in cities such as Barcelona, London, New York, San Francisco or Tokyo. The next step already announced by Google is to add this type of three-dimensional representation to establishments such as restaurants so that visitors can anticipate their visit through a previous three-dimensional walk, which will be a great incentive when discovering sites to the detriment of social networks.

-More detailed cycling routes: This is a guided route mode with detailed turn-by-turn directions that has been in place for over a decade now, and now directions and information regarding issues such as elevation or the location of shared bike facilities along the route have been added. The cyclist will also be informed of traffic conditions and the type of road along the route (main road, secondary road, bike lane, shared street…) as well as warning of obstacles on the road.

-Improvements to the function allowing location sharing: In this case an interesting new feature is the ability to automatically notify contacts of departure and arrival times.

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