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Apple does not stop launching products, making changes to existing ones, preparing new services … In recent hours we have learned of up to three major developments that are taking place in the Cupertino company. For your interest, here we review them.

After complaints received, Apple has suspended the insertion of advertising in Apple Store.

Change in advertising in App Store

On the one hand, Apple has revised the conditions of advertising insertions in its app store, App Store, following multiple complaints received.

These are advertising inserts that have appeared next to some of the apps that can be downloaded from App Store, inserts in which it was recommended to download apps that sometimes generated certain conflicts, such as. that next to the tab of an app to combat gambling addiction appear recommendations to install an online gaming app. In other cases, advertising for paid games has been detected on the page offering information about apps for children. All of these circumstances have not taken long to cause criticism and protests in social networks.

The reason for these insertions is that Apple allowed advertisers the appearance of advertising in categories other than that of the application itself whose promotion was sought, a way to obtain additional advertising revenue that has not worked entirely well, as witnessed by the protests.

Apple’s reaction has not been long in coming and has decided to discontinue, at least temporarily, the inclusion of ads in the app store. Probably from Cupertino will proceed to review the protocol and it is possible that advertising related to gambling and other categories on App Store product pages will be limited.

Redesign and new features in iCloud.

Another of the new features has to do with iCloud, the online space of storage and management which allows access from a web browser to Apple’s various services and platforms.

In addition to a complete redesign that involves an aesthetic update in line with the latest versions of the brand’s operating systems, the user is offered various options, such as a customized configuration of the home page.with previews of apps such as Photos, Mail, Notes or iCloud Drive, Apple’s cloud storage space manager.

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On that home page users can select which apps will appear (preferably the most commonly used ones), in addition to being able to incorporate Pages, Numbers, Keynote or Calendar, so that. the use of iCloud as a productivity platform is reinforced.. The overall handling is also improved by the adaptation of toolbars and the location of some buttons.

At the moment these changes are visible only in the beta version of iCloud, which will become the final one when the tests by Apple are completed.

A bigger iPad

Finally another new development at Apple is the plans for developing an iPad with a 16-inch display.most likely from the iPad Pro family, whose largest model with a 12.9-inch screen, which was already a small revolution when it was announced in 2013. Apple’s purpose with this iPad equipped with a screen of such dimensions would be. seduce artists and graphic designersusers who are very accustomed to large graphic tablets, some of which are equipped with interactive displays.

This hypothetical iPad Pro 16 could reach the market during the last quarter of 2023 and although perhaps smaller in size but could also have a gap in the market among consumers who use the iPad for leisure and entertainment. In this case it would be a tablet that by size and performance could very well replace a computer in technical work, design and artistic productivity.

The development of this iPad with a 16-inch screen had already been previously glimpsed when Apple has leaked information related to work on tablets larger than the current iPads. In fact this summer information was leaked regarding the development of an iPad with a 14.1-inch miniLED display.

This would tie in with the claim made in 2021 by Mark Gurman that Apple would be preparing iPads larger than the 12.9-inch size, with 14-inch and 16-inch screens, which matches the screen sizes of its top-segment laptop, the MacBook Pro.

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