Three important news for Google Maps

Google Maps introduces three new features that make it easier and more convenient for users to add valuable content. These new options are aimed at making the application easier to search and making it easier for users to find recommendations.

Google Maps poses challenges for the community that invite users to participate in the application and submit new content.

Currently, these new features are either in trial mode or not yet available to all users. Google has not offered information to all users about when they will officially launch. It is therefore necessary to wait until they are generally activated. These three are the novelties:

-Foto updates: First of all, Google Maps will have a new feature called “Photo Updates”. It’s a new way of posting that allows users to upload photos to update a venue’s information without adding a review to the photo. It’s simply a matter of updating the information with current photos.

This type of content will appear in a new tab called “Updates”. With that in mind, users can upload as many photos as they want in a single update. This functionality is intended to improve the interactivity of users with the platform.

– Challenges of the Google Maps community: This functionality is already active for US users. It’s a series of challenges that invite users to participate by submitting more reviews, comments, photos, and adding more places to the maps.

To participate, simply click on the “Take part in the Local Love Challenge” button. Right now, the challenge for Google is to update the information of 100,000 companies in a month. Every single contribution is added to the collective. In addition, any feedback from this first challenge will be used to create new campaigns that will introduce this functionality to the rest of the world.

-Draw roads: The other function is to draw streets designed so that users can add changes to the routes of the streets. To do this, they can draw the new route of the street with their finger or any peripheral accessory and send it to Google Maps.

This can be done by selecting the “Edit Map” option available under in the menu on the right side of the application Desktop browser. In this menu the option “Missing Road” must be selected and the necessary changes made. This editing tool can be used to add information about the reason for the change when the road is closed or the direction has been changed.

You can see how this new functionality works in the following video:

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