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Email marketing campaigns will be a trend again this year and, for many companies, regardless of their size, it will be the way to approach their annual marketing objectives. Sending commercial emails is a fundamental part of the online marketing strategy for many companies thanks to its high impact and, above all, conversion rates, especially if the databases are well segmented.

For many businesses, a large percentage of their sales depends on the number of emails they send. However, it must be taken into account that email marketing campaigns also have a cost that must be assumed. Although in most cases the return on investment is much higher, if there is a way to make savings when sending, this can be a very competitive advantage for any type of company.

This is why Mailrelay has launched a very beneficial promotion for any company and that will allow you to make significant savings in your email marketing strategy, being able to save up to 25% of the annual costs of sending emailings with the Mailrelay promotion.

The promotion allows you to benefit, on all monthly Enterprise plans with annual payment, from an immediate 25% discount for the whole year. All you have to do is pay the cost of the service upfront in a single payment.

Those companies or professionals who wish to apply to join this promotion only have to request it and consult the conditions of the promotion. To do this, they can contact Mailrelay customer service at the following address: ( or open a ticket from their account.

If email marketing is part of your marketing strategy, do not hesitate and take advantage of this promotion for your company. If you are going to send email campaigns regularly, at least once a month, with this initiative you can save the cost of three monthly fees.

Think about it, three of the 12 months of the year would be free, and with the money saved you can improve your email marketing service, hiring a larger sending plan, or you could also invest it in other types of campaigns -such as advertising on social networks, search engines…- and thus capture more contacts for your database.

These are just two ideas, you decide how to spend the money you will save by paying with a single reduced payment for your Mailrelay Enterprise monthly plan. You will see how you will not only save money but also increase your profits.

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