Three new features for the new version of Google Chrome

Google just released a new version of its browser Google Chrome with three new features very interesting. Chrome version 88 is now available and you can download it to your computer if your browser doesn’t update automatically.

The innovations in Google Chrome 88 are now available to all users of the Google browser

The main new features in version 88 of Google Chrome are:

-Improved “Dark Mode”. Google Chrome was one of the first tools last year to introduce a “dark mode” that would later be used by virtually all social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, as well as most other Google products such as Gmail.

In this new Chrome update, the company significantly improves “dark mode” performance for both Windows 10 and Chrome OS. The topics are improved and their configuration is also accessed.

-Elimination of the FTP protocol. Google Chrome 88 assumes that a technology that is no longer used, the FTP (File Transport Protocol), which is completely deactivated in this version, is no longer supported and will no longer be supported. The FTP protocol has been in use for decades and is still used by some hosting services, but Chrome will no longer include it.

-Remove Adobe Flash. Chrome had already blocked and disabled Flash in previous versions, but Chrome 88 is the definitive elimination of Adobe Flash, a technology that Adobe stopped supporting as of December 31st.

In addition to these new features, Google Chrome 88 includes some other improvements. For example, the search tab is now “hidden” and must be proactively activated by the user in order for it to appear as a drop-down menu.

Along with these changes, the way that notifications for webpage access are displayed has also been changed in Google Chrome 88, which is now smaller and less intrusive.

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