Tips and best practices for email marketing


Email marketing is a very powerful tool to reach the target audience, as it allows us to convey our message in a space very close to the user privacyyour email inbox. In this way, when we send an email to our list of subscribers, we are sending it to a group of people who have previously been interested in us.

Each email sent to our subscribers must provide something of value to the users, otherwise they will stop opening the emails or unsubscribe from our list.

Email marketing allows us to establish closer relationships with our users and grow a business. In this sense, 4.000 million people use their email on a daily basis, sending more than 300,000 emails a day, making it one of the most popular forms of communication in the world.

However, despite the popularity of email, most email marketing campaigns don’t get the results they expect. Fortunately, there are some best practices that can help us improve the performance of this tool:

-Offer something of value First of all, why are we sending an email in the first place? Mailboxes are private spaces, so it is never a good idea to send poor quality content or to send an email just for the sake of sending it. In every communication, we have to offer something of value to the recipient, whether it is an offer, a text with important information or a gift.

-Segmentation: Some data shows that email campaigns that are segmented get up to 760% more revenue. Segmentation means dividing the email list into groups, based on certain shared characteristics. In this sense, we can segment by demographics, gender, age groups or even purchase history. By segmenting the list it is possible to send only content that is relevant to this group.

-Personalize: Personalizing content allows us to establish a connection with contacts, which can improve open rates, conversions and link click-through rates. To do this, we can use personalization tokens, i.e. placeholders to implement the contact or company name.

-Optimize the subject line: One of the best ways to improve open rates is to create an attractive subject line and preview text. These are the first texts that users will see in their email inboxes. If we are able to create good text for these two spaces, we will also be able to stand out from the multitude of emails we receive on a daily basis.

-Unsubscribe: Finally, don’t make it difficult for users to unsubscribe from your mailing list. In this sense, we must offer a link or a button that is visible and does not require more than one or two clicks to complete the unsubscription. If the process is too complicated and users stay, the results of the campaigns will be disastrous, as open and click-through rates will plummet.

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