Tips for creating a landing page

How to create an effective landing page

A landing page or landing page is a static web page focused on. converting traffic you receive into potential customers through a call to action. This is a good tool for a marketing strategy In which you want to promote a product or service.

A landing page is a tool for converting website traffic into leads that convert into buyers.

A landing page can be a stand-alone web page linked to a main website or may be integrated within the main website. For example, a company offering several services may have several landing pages linked to the navigation menu or may have one created specifically for a particular promotion that need not be visible in the menu.

The difference between the home page of a website and a landing page is that the latter is based on offering a clear value proposition and a call to action that allows to improve conversion. These pages increase the response rate of visitors by up to 10% when they are properly written and organized.

How to create a landing page that converts

If you want to create a landing page that achieves its goal, you must follow the following steps:

-Define a goal: What do we want users who land on this page to do? Do we want them to subscribe to a newsletter, sign up for a webinar or download an app? To define a goal, we must know and analyze the audience to find out what they need.

-Offer something: To achieve the objective, it will usually be necessary to dismantle it in smaller steps. A good example is Spotify, which in its landing page encourages us to use its free version, to later insert advertising between songs and banners so that we subscribe to the paid version. Another common incentive is to offer a free class, a guide, an ebook…

-Offer value: It is important to show what benefits the user gets if he/she performs this action. In this case, it is best to be as specific as possible and not use trite phrases such as “the solution you were looking for”. Show the benefit briefly and as specifically as possible.

-Create an attention-grabbing CTA: The call to action of a landing page must be clear, understandable and visible, as it is the key element of your landing page. If the CTA is hidden at the bottom of the page, if the action is confusing or if it is not eye-catching for the user, the landing page will be useless.

-Testimonials: Trust is basic to sell anything. Nowadays more than ever, we see it on Amazon or with Google Maps reviews. If our product or service has received positive reviews, it is very important that we show them. Ideally, the testimonial should show full name, image and positive results, as it strengthens your credibility.

-Analyze: In digital marketing it is vital to measure and analyze to know what is working and what is not. Through digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics we can see where they click, if they read the entire page or if we are losing them at some point. With this information, we can improve the landing page.

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