Tips for creating an effective newsletter

Tips for creating newsletter

Although they may seem like a thing of the past, newsletters are still one of the most used marketing tools. In general, email marketing offers a direct communication channel, with which you can send highly personalized messages to an audience that is interested in what you do or sell, so you should not waste it.

Newsletters or newsletters are periodic communications with informative or entertaining content, which is sent to users who have subscribed to a list. The content can vary greatly, from anecdotes or stories with a strong storytelling component, to news or brand news.

The newsletter provides added value to a user who has left their email with the aim of receiving something in return. It is for this reason that newsletters must be sent periodically and shipments must not be neglected.

Tips for creating a newsletter for your SME or business

Creating an effective newsletter is a complicated task. To help you, we share some tips that can help you create your own newsletter:

-Affair: The subject is one of the most important parts of your newsletter, since it will be what will make your subscribers open the email or not. A subject must motivate the reader to open the email. It can be clear and concise, descriptive, funny or even meaningless, the important thing is that it attracts attention. You can also always use the same subject, which generates familiarity and reinforces the branding of your newsletter. Be that as it may, don’t go over approximately 50 characters.

-Content: The content must meet a specific objective. If users subscribe to your newsletter to receive advice on a topic, then you should offer different advice in each mailing.

If what they want is for you to tell them a story, look for an anecdote or recent news that they find interesting and tell it to them, adding a layer of storytellig (using emotions to narrate something) and making it yours. The content should always end with a CTA that aligns with your goals.

-User-generated and third-party content: One way to feed your newsletter without having to spend a lot of time is, precisely, to use content from your clients or users of your brand. You can use the newsletter to give them a voice and let them tell about their experiences with your brand. You can also use your newsletter to collaborate with an influencer and use their content to reach more people.

You should also take into account when sending your newsletter

-Shipping frequency: At this point, you must understand what the user wants or expects from you. If they don’t want to receive emails every day, consider sending weekly or monthly messages. On the other hand, if they have subscribed to receive daily emails with the latest news and trends in the sector, you will have to send them daily.

The topic of the newsletter will also determine the frequency of sending, since sending a newsletter every day to tell your things may not be the best idea (for that, it is better to use social networks). Another option is to let the user themselves decide how often they want to receive your emails.

-Design: As for the design, you can choose a plain text newsletter that focuses attention on the content and the links you add. If you want something more personal, choose a template and adapt the style to that of your brand, always add your logo, links to your social networks and your own signature. Don’t use colors that don’t match your brand just because you like a template. The reader has to know, before reading a single line, that this newsletter is yours.

-Analyze: As in any marketing action, analyzing performance is essential. At this point, you have to look at metrics such as opening rate, bounce rate, clicks, additions to the list and also unsubscriptions. Periodically measure how the newsletter is working and you will discover topics or topics that improve openings.

You should also take care of the subscriber list, eliminate those who unsubscribe and create segments for users who have not opened your emails for more than 6 months. You can send a message to this segment remembering why they subscribed and offering a summary of your best content, before removing it from the list.

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