Tips for Creating Quality Content and Improving SEO

One of the most repeated phrases in the SEO world is the famous “content is king”. Although SEO is a number of practices that must be followed in order to Improve positioning From the webpage, it’s the content that can really catapult a page to the top of Google search results.

These are some simple tips you can use to write quality content and improve SEO positioning.

While it may seem easy, sometimes writing an article isn’t as easy as it seems. write a good articleHaving high quality information that is attractive to readers can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help your articles rank quickly on Google, like the ones we explain below:

-Keywords: The first thing you should do is do some keyword research on the topic you want to write about. With this in mind, it is ideal to search with multiple tools, it is convenient to pay attention to the results in the form of questions as these represent the searches made by users on the topic. Next, you should check the first results that appear in Google, compile a list of the headings found, and try to find a way to complete the articles.

-Investigate: With the advent of Google BERT and the EAT, one of the strengths of any article is research. The data displayed must be verifiable and come from reliable sources that are verifiable. While you don’t have to go to Wikipedia, you don’t have to consult with university experts either. It is possible to do some research in Google Scholar or even Google and only search in the articles that appear well positioned. It is also possible to research relevant websites, white papers and magazines on a topic.

-Write and review: The most important part of any text on the internet is the title and the first paragraph. That means we have little space to attract attention. Don’t rush at this point. It is best to take as much time as necessary and try different titles until you find the most interesting one. In the first paragraph, all of the meat should be placed on the grill. This paragraph should summarize what the reader will find in the text and promise a solution to be found at the end of the text. Once the content is written, you need to let it rest a little and review it. A week of rest would be ideal, but rarely is so much time available that a few hours or, if possible, a whole day is enough.

-SEO-OnPage: Once the article has been written and reviewed, it needs to be configured to maximize SEO. To do this, it is handy to highlight the most relevant keywords in bold and give groups of 3 to 5 words. You also need to add internal and external links (always be sure to link to pages that complement or expand on the information), add an image that “breaks” the monotony, configure subtitles like H2 and H3, and finally a meta description write that helps to improve the SEO positioning of the page.

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