Tips for finding the best influencers on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the main social platforms for influencer marketing and most marketers are betting on this type of strategy to improve visibility of our account on the platform.

Influencer marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to gain visibility and engagement with users and followers.

However, any strategy of this type can fail if we are not able to find the right influencer, something that is not always easy. For all those companies and professionals who are looking to carry out a strategy of this type, we are going to offer some tips to find the best influencers on Instagram.

-Prioritize targets: Before starting to look for the most suitable influencer, it is important to take into account our objectives. First of all, we must know and be very clear about our audience, since we have to know who we are going to influence. We must also be aware of where we are in the strategy, as we will need a different influencer profile depending on whether we want to increase our brand awareness, generate leads and sales or increase our followers on Instagram.

-An influencer that fits: Next, we must find an influencer that fits our brand and also our audience. If the influencer does not fit with our image, the campaign will not be successful, since our followers will not feel identified with the message. For example, if we have a “low cost” travel agency, we should not choose a super model as the image for our campaign.

-Explore hashtags related to our brand: One way to attract the right influencer, is to look for those who are already talking about our brand or our products. For this, we can use hashtags research tools. In this sense, to find the most suitable ones we have to go beyond general keywords, which will show us very high profile influencers. The ideal is to search on long tail keywords, where we would find influencers related to our topic or our products. We can also use hashtags such as #sponsored or #ad, where we will find accounts that advertise.

-Influencers platforms: Nowadays, there are influencer marketing platforms to find the most suitable accounts for us with just a few clicks. Some of the most popular ones such as Tap Influence, Upfluence, Famebit, NeoReach or Influencer allow us to discover accounts related to our brand, our sector or our products. We can use certain parameters such as number of insurances, type of audience or experience in this type of campaign.

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