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The advent of voice searches have changed the way we use search engines. Users use their cell phones, smart speakers and other devices to formulate their queries.

The increased use of cell phones for our daily searches has increased the need to implement and optimize voice searches.

Currently, the 71% of users prefer to use voice search systems. That’s why optimizing for voice search is important for businesses. That is why, below, we are going to offer some tips on how to optimize for voice search.

-Create a style guide for voice content: The content and marketing team should create a guide for optimizing content for voice search, incorporating a style guide and a list of keywords to be optimized.

-Implement keywords: Long-tail keywords tend to have lower search volumes, so they are not usually a preference for companies targeting keywords with high search volumes. However, voice search is more natural, so keywords and phrases are longer, consisting of more than two words. We have to keep in mind that voice search users ask questions and our content must answer them.

-Optimize the website for speed and user experience: Voice searches come primarily from mobile devices and assistants. All companies should optimize the loading speed of a website and the design, which should be adaptive for mobile searches. To do this, we have to periodically check Google PageSpeed Insights, where we can find errors and optimization problems.

-Optimize for local searches: Voice searches usually come from phones, so we have to take into account that they can be local searches, since more than 50% of business searches are done by voice. In this sense, we should review Google Maps and Google Business Profile to include all business information, such as menus, opening hours and business operation, as well as descriptions.

-Rich snippets: Taking advantage of rich snippets is very important for search engines to offer us more visibility. To do this, we have to incorporate these snippets of information into our content. In this regard, we have a special type of markup for Google Assistant and voice searches.

-Add a question and answer section: Questions and answers can add great value to our web pages and help us improve voice search optimization. We can incorporate them using our content or search for content on other blogs to answer questions asked in the comments, as well as questions that have been left unanswered or not answered sufficiently.

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