Tips for planning your vacation with Google Maps

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Frequently google Maps is often used to plan trips visualizing routes, distances, routes … And in case of taking flights there is also the option to consult them through Google Flights, being able to save a significant amount of money through these planning and searches.

A proper planning through Google Maps and Google Flights can facilitate the trip, as well as save time and money

Well, both tools will further enhance this planning by making use of these eight interesting tricks:

-Check flight prices: Since May 2, Google Flights allows you to search by date and destination so that you can find out when flights are available at even better prices. Searches can be done well in advance and once you have selected a particular flight you can receive an e-mail alert if you detect that the price for the selected flight has dropped. An “Any date” option is also available in case there is flexibility in terms of travel dates.

-Navigation through airports, shopping malls and stations: By expanding the Directory tab in Google Maps you can navigate through the interior of stations, airports and shopping malls as easily as you navigate through the streets using the Streetview view. This allows you to know in detail which establishments and in which location stores and restaurants are available in these facilities, including information such as opening hours.

To know the number of visitors: This is a new function added to Google Maps that allows you to know the number of passers-by in real time that occupy a space, whether it is a street, a square or a shopping area. The indication of whether or not it is crowded is accompanied by a menu that indicates the peak time of the chosen place as well as the evolution of the concurrency throughout the day.

-Itinerary summary with reservation information: Beyond the travel route itself, Google Maps is also able to provide information on flight numbers, restaurant reservations or hotel check-in and check-out times. Just save the route that has been traced and click on the “Reservations” button, where all reservations for transportation, accommodation and others will appear automatically, provided that they have received confirmation of the same in a Gmail email address linked to the same account with which the trip has been planned from Google Maps.

-Booking from Google Maps: In addition to information on restaurant locations and opening hours, Google Maps also now allows you to make reservations directly through the “Restaurants” button at the top of the map.

-Using Google Maps without an Internet connection: For routes in remote locations where there is no mobile or WiFi connection or for trips abroad where you do not want to abuse roaming charges, Google Maps allows you to download maps of selected areas. In this way they will be available from the mobile device itself without the need for a network connection. As simple as tracing the route and in the “Downloads” tab and indicate that you want to store the map for that area.

-Find gas stations and charging points for electric cars: In the “More” tab at the top of Google Maps, options can be activated to display information about gas station locations on the screen, which is now also joined by information about the location of charging points for electric cars. Information on how many such points are available is also included.

-Location sharing: To provide others the place where they have to arrive (for a meeting point, for example) the easiest way is to click on the user’s avatar at the top right in Google Maps and click on “Share location”. Indicating the recipient of the information, the user will receive a link that will open the Google Maps app on their mobile device and guide them to the destination.

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