Tips for positioning content on Google Discover

Google Discover how it works

Google Discover shows mobile device users a news feed based on their own interests and search history. It is a platform that generates a large amount of traffic in those publications that appear, since users are interested in reading them.

While there is no concrete way to get our content to appear in Google Discover, we can “enhance” it so that Google will select it.

Google Discover uses data from searches conducted by the user over time to create a fully personalized feed which offers users access to content that they will find interesting.

This Google tool is only available on mobile devices and, unlike the search engine, it anticipates user behavior to offer curated content that it believes will be relevant and useful.

Discover can include different types of content: news, blog articles, videos, advertisement and even special content such as sports competition results.

However, there are no technical or a way to create content that ensures, similar to how SEO would do on the Google search results page, that our content appears in Google Discover.

Why is it important to appear in the Discover feed?

Unlike Google searches, the Discover feed is customized for. respond to the user’s tastes.which means that it will be easier for the user to access, read the content we have created and become a lead.

The key to optimizing content and Google Discover is to focus on creating content that. match the user’s interestsRather than doing so to respond to specific Google searches. In other words, focus less on keywords and more on the search intent and the needs or tastes of the target audience.

Tips for optimizing content and appearing in Google Discover.

Here are some tips for optimizing content and appearing in Google Discover.

-EEAT: One of the keys here is to comply with EEAT (Expertise, Experience, Authority and Trustworthiness). Content should be written by someone who has experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness in the particular topic. This means selecting topics with which we are very familiar or in which we have a lot of experience.

-Quality and regular content: Once you have identified the content niche in which you have experience and expertise, the next thing will be to create quality content, properly researched and with reliable sources that the user can access, it should also be informative and offer value. On the other hand, for the content to appear in Google Discover it is also advisable to create a content calendar and stick to it, publishing periodically.

-Author profile: Since the implementation of the EEAT, it is very important for Google that the content is written by an expert in the subject. Therefore, it is important to highlight the curriculum, training and experience of the content writer, to demonstrate that he/she has the necessary experience and authority to write about a specific topic. To do this, the author tags must be configured correctly, through the schema markup.

Other tactics to rank better on Google Discover.

Luckily, there are a number of tactics and improvements we can implement in our content that will improve the chances of ranking well in Google Discover:

-Do not use clicbait: The titles that work best on Google Discover are either news and current affairs related, or are emotionally appealing titles, though not quite a hook. Emotional titles work well, but Google is able to spot when a headline is misleading.

-Lists: A large amount of the content that appears in Google Discover is lists. This type of content catches the attention of users, as it is easy to consume and offers valuable information in many cases.

-High-quality images: High definition images and with sizes greater than 1200 pixels or with a ratio of 16:9, configured for previews, also help content to be selected for display on the platform. It helps if they are in WebP format.

-Update content: Even the most extensive and well-researched “evergreen” content can become outdated. Trends change, new techniques, new authors or characters appear. There are many factors that can cause content to become outdated, so it is important that we try to keep this content as up to date as possible.

-Google Search Console: Google Discover data is available in Google Search Console. There we can analyze what is the most relevant content, find the keywords that are most used or what are the topics that are trending at any given time.

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