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With the rise of streaming platforms are multiple alternatives available to the reach of the movie lover, the best TV series and documentaries. But in the face of so much supply sometimes succumbs to the temptation to hire multiple subscriptions, with the increased expenditure that this may involve, so it may be advisable to analyze the situation, habits, preferences and alternatives to continue enjoying content without overspending.

Faced with the multiple offer of streaming platforms, it may be advisable to analyze whether it is worthwhile to maintain the subscription to a large number of them

One of the issues to be taken into consideration first of all is that streaming platforms do not require, when subscribing to them, the maintenance or loyalty of the subscription to it, so there is no problem in hiring a month (or just two or three) and then cancel the contract. How to know which platforms are worth eliminating? How to save on subscriptions? Keep in mind some of the following tips:

-Eliminate the streaming platform that you use the least: In cases where different subscriptions are maintained there is always one platform that is the least used. It may be maintained essentially because it is following a series, so while a new season is not available, this platform is underutilized. By making this choice you can save the price of the subscription during the months when a new season of your favorite series is not available. When that time comes, the subscription can be reactivated until the viewing is complete.

-“Binge” planning: The policy of some streaming platforms to make the entirety of a season available to subscribers from premiere day has encouraged a habit in some viewers of the binge watching or “binge watching,” a marathon in which the entire season’s episodes are consumed in a single day or over a weekend. Since in some cases many months (even a year or more) may pass between seasons, subscriptions can be planned according to the premieres of new seasons. This strategy can go one step further and plan successive subscriptions to different platforms, so that during one month the subscription allows watching one (or several) series (or movies) from one platform, the following month the subscription to that platform is cancelled and the subscription to another platform is activated, and so on.

-Take advantage of the free trial months: Virtually all streaming platforms offer an initial one-month trial period (in some cases only 15 days). With proper planning (and some well-planned “binge watching”) you can get a lot out of these periods. Bear in mind that they are offered only once and that the user is usually identified by his e-mail address but also by his credit card number, so that several of these different trial periods could be enjoyed in the same household as long as the subscriptions are made in this way. It is also advisable to pay attention to the deadlines that each platform establishes for cancelling the subscription, because otherwise the bill for the first month’s subscription will be charged.

-Choose basic plans: Some streaming platforms have different rates depending on the number of connections or simultaneous users they allow or the quality of the image (HD or 4K). This is a factor to take into account in order to lower the monthly bill if you are subscribed to several platforms, so that you can not completely renounce to a platform but remain subscribed even if it is in the version with lower image quality and with limitation in terms of the number of individual or simultaneous users.

-Sharing subscriptions: Since some streaming platforms allow different simultaneous users, thinking of a family use in which the different cohabitants can individually watch their favorite contents, there are those who take advantage of this circumstance to share the subscription costs with other family members who are not cohabitants or with friends. This lowers the monthly cost, although some people take advantage of this to subscribe to more platforms, so that a similar amount of money can be spent but with access to more platforms. This option can be problematic because of the obligation to share the password or depend on the payment being made by another person.

-Search for free content: In streaming platforms, apps and websites of TV channels (public and private), video hosting services (such as YouTube), information pages (such as IMDb) or even social networks (Facebook) there is a large amount of free content (movies, series, documentaries…) available. In many cases these may be classic movies, but there are also more current ones. As a big difference with the contents of paid streaming platforms, in the case of free streaming platforms there are usually unavoidable advertising breaks.

-Operator offer packs: Telecommunications operators sometimes offer joint packages of services that include mobile telephony, fixed telephony, Internet connection via fiber optics and sometimes television on demand. The set-top box provides access to a series of thematic channels (movies, series, sports, documentaries, children’s content, etc.) that may also include subscription (included in the price or at a reduced price) to streaming platforms, in addition to premium channels. In addition to the possible advantages of taking advantage of these offers in terms of telecommunications, it is also worth considering the possible savings when these packs include a subscription to streaming platforms.

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