Tips on how you can use Twitch in your company

The Twitch live streaming platform is becoming increasingly popular with users. With a growing user base, it offers great opportunities for businesses looking for ad and visibility space, as well as other booming platforms like Clubhouse.

Some of the most popular streamers on the platforms are Spaniards like ElRubius with 7.2 million followers.

Live streaming has become one very powerful tool Gaining visibility and connecting with the public. The increase in video content has been constant over the past few years, but has suffered an explosion as a result of the pandemic when platforms like Twitch, Facebook Gaming or Discord have become very relevant.

Companies and brands are not unconscious of the rise of Twitch and the opportunities the Amazon platform offers for getting visible to the public, such as:

– Target audience: Currently, Twitch has a defined audience as it is young people aged 15-30 who are predominantly male (65%). With this information, brands that have a similar target group and identify their target group in these population groups have a large window of time on the platform to show their products or services to their target group.

-Idiom: Likewise, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language among Twitch streamers. In addition, some of the users with the most followers in the world, such as Ibai, TheGrefg or ElRubius, are Spaniards.

-Amazon: Twitch has been owned by Amazon since 2014 and is therefore supported by the e-commerce giant. With that in mind, the platform hasn’t stopped growing since it was owned by Amazon. In February 2020, it reached 3.8 million viewers with an average daily viewing of 95 minutes per user.

-Funding options: While influencers are the main ads for Twitch, there are a variety of strategies out there. Some of the most common ones are unboxing, where the creator opens a box of branded products. the mention, which consists of the influencer mentioning the product or brand during the live show; the raffles or the sample in which the creator shows the product, either by using it or simply by showing the logo on the screen.

In addition, Twitch allows you to include a direct link to a website or electronic store so that the real campaign performance can be measured. On the other hand, the creators of Twitch are very dedicated to their work as they maintain a good connection with their audience and during their live shows they can offer products for sale in a natural and not very intense way in order to gain credibility for the brand who work with them.

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