Tips to clean and disinfect a smartwatch well

Wristwatches are a great source of bacteria. According to the results collected in the Advances in Infectious Diseases study carried out by Florida Atlantic University in June 2023, 95 percent of the belts analyzed had some type of bacteria.

As they are devices that are in constant contact with the skin, they need regular care and cleaning. In this article you will find how to clean and disinfect your smartwatch as well as the different straps, so you can protect your health and extend the life of your device.

How to clean your smart watch and rid it of bacteria

The manufacturers of the best smartwatches add cleaning recommendations to the instructions for use of their devices. And the vast majority agree on the use of some materials, as well as what you should not do if you do not want to damage your smartwatch.

You probably wear your smartwatch throughout the day. And, even safer, you can use it while practicing some type of sport or physical activity that makes you sweat. These traces of sweat accumulate on the external body of the equipment.

This, in addition to potentially irritating the skin, may also cause the sensors on the back of the watch to not accurately capture the data. In order to proceed with its cleaning, do the following:

-Turn off the smartwatch completely and separate the strap

-Now you can use wipes with isopropyl alcohol with 70 percent purity – never higher. This type of alcohol is used for cleaning the home, as well as different types of surfaces such as glasses, smartphones, camera lenses, etc.

-If you do not want to use wipes of this type that you can find in supermarkets or pharmacies, you can also resort to buying 70 percent Isopropyl Alcohol and using a lint-free microfiber cloth

-Now you just have to rub it on the surface you want to clean and let it dry. With this you will be able to not only clean the surface, but also rid your smartwatch of bacteria.

How to clean the strap of your smartwatch

Disinfect smartwatch strap

Now, perhaps the vast majority of bacteria will be found on the different straps. According to the aforementioned study, depending on the material of the strap you use on your watch, the accumulation of bacteria will be greater or lesser. Of course, more than 95 percent of them are contaminated. So you must act.

There are different materials on the market for your smartwatch straps: leather, rubber, plastic, fabric or metal. The latter are the ones with the lowest degree of infection, while plastic and rubber straps are the most prone. What’s more, the straps are the biggest center of bacteria on your smartwatch. Therefore, to clean these parts of the watch, you will need to do the following:

Rubber and plastic straps: You can use isopropyl alcohol at 70 percent purity. Always dry with a dry, clean, lint-free cloth

fabric straps: in this case you can immerse them in cold water and use a neutral soap. This type of product is ideal for all skin types and if there are traces of the product after rinsing, it will not harm your skin. To remove it, leave it outdoors before placing it back on the smartwatch

Metal straps: do not use abrasive products. In this case, use a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth to clean the entire surface. If there are traces of dirt between the different links, it would be advisable to use a brush with soft bristles to remove the remains. Remember that in this type of straps, bacterial proliferation is almost zero.

Leather/skin straps: It is perhaps the most delicate material to clean. And depending on the type of product you use, the strap may get stained or completely damaged and you will have to get rid of it. Therefore, in this case it will be enough to moisten a lint-free, microfiber cloth to remove any traces of dirt.

More recommendations to clean and disinfect your smartwatch

Although the recommendation to achieve almost 100 percent disinfection is to use 70 percent pure isopropyl alcohol, it is also possible to clean with apple cider vinegar, although its antibacterial effectiveness is not as high. Likewise, after applying the disinfectants, it is advisable to wait – at least – 5 minutes for total effectiveness. It is also true that 10 seconds after applying alcohol – and according to studies – it is effective against bacteria such as E.Coli.

Finally, all manufacturers agree on not using certain cleaning products that can damage your smartwatch – mechanical parts – such as: bleaches, soaps or very abrasive chemicals.

Likewise, the frequency of cleaning your smartwatch should become daily. Remember again that it is one of the pieces of equipment that you always carry with you and in contact with your skin. That is to say: it is a great source of batteries on a daily basis. And more, depending on what season of the year it is, since you will be more prone to sweat, use sunscreen, etc.

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