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Having a large following on social media can be beneficial for any business looking to increase their visibility or the reach of their posts. In fact, having a good base of followers can be a great way to even be good for SEOas it could increase the traffic that is directed to a website, which would allow it to rank better in Google.

Having a large follower base can help us improve conversion in a sales or promotional campaign.

Below, we share a series of tips (in no particular order of importance), to help all those who want to increase their number of followers on social networks:

-Create brand identity: It doesn’t matter if you are a “freelancer”, an SME or an “influencer”, to attract many followers you need to have a strong and solid brand identity. This identity must be seen in all the content you publish. To do this, you must choose brand colors, a tone and a type of design that is repeated.

-Connect with followers: Social media should never be used as a promotional channel. Instead of constantly launching personal messages, it is better to connect with followers, talk to them directly and create connections. To do this, we can respond to comments and create real discussions.

-Follow other accounts: Many companies fail on this point, as they believe that they should not follow competing companies or share content that is not exclusively theirs. On the contrary, it is important to follow the most important accounts in your industry, share their content and interact with them. It is also important to participate in groups and communities, as well as to follow the most relevant influencers in the sector.

-Collaborate: A great way to generate visibility is to collaborate with other brands (with which you don’t have competition), as this type of action allows us to access a whole new audience. This type of partnership will benefit both brands.

-Publication calendar: Before publishing content, we must plan what kind of content we are going to publish and how often we are going to publish it. The content we publish on social networks should be varied and entertaining.

-Content: In terms of content, there are many types of content that we can share. For example, we can publish opinions, whether they are articles or comments that have been left for us; also content that is trending, news or research that we have carried out (us or our company) and that may be interesting or useful for our followers.

-Hashtags: Hashtags are tags that allow us to classify and sort content. Thanks to these tags, users who do not follow us can discover our content when they search for a specific topic. In this sense, we must know which are the most used hashtags in our sector and use them in our publications to improve their reach.

-Analyze the data: Understanding the performance of our content will help us make decisions to improve our strategies. We must know what publications work best, what are the hours in which our audience is in networks and also their demographics. All this data gives us valuable information to improve our actions in social networks.

-Use all platforms: Social media is not an isolated ecosystem. It is important to connect all our channels and send users from our website or newsletter subscription to social networks and vice versa. At the same time, each social network can serve to promote our other profiles. For example, if we have a lot of followers on Twitter and we want to increase the followers on Instagram, we can publish a tweet to encourage our followers to go to Instagram as well.

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