Tips to help you find a job in finance and insurance

Finding a job is not easy, and much less in a situation like the one we are living in with the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on economic activity, but it is never a bad time to try find a new job opportunity and change jobs. If not, you are comfortable or thriving in a sector as broad as finance and insurance.

According to the “Opportunity Index 2020” study carried out by LinkedIn, 34% of Spaniards consider the current situation on the job market to be too complicated and 28% are skeptical about new economic opportunities. However, don’t stop trying and take every opportunity. Concern and ambition are two of the main prerequisites for moving jobs – or getting your first opportunity – but it is also necessary to work hard. It is often said that “looking for a job is a job in itself” and nothing is further from the truth: unemployed users – or unhappy at their current job – typically spend nearly eight hours of their day looking for a job, almost like a day’s work.

Fortunately, with this job search in the finance and insurance sectors, there are some tools that can help you with your job. You may already know some, like LinkedIn itself, the professional social network par excellence with 722 million users around the world, but there are others who will also help you find a better job.

And what is most valued to accommodate change? Of course, salary is a key consideration, but according to the cited study, balancing work, family and friends is a priority for 52% of women, 50% of millennials and 53% of Generation X members.

If getting a new job is already difficult … how do you do that in a company where there are real opportunities to invest, spend time with loved ones, and keep your mind and body active? How do I find a company where these values ​​are taken into account and where the personnel policy really cares about the employee?

In this search process, it can be very useful to use a platform like Gowork, where you can find thousands of opinions about companies and how they work. The database of this platform is fed by the opinions anonymously written by the employees who work in each company. These opinions can therefore help you decide whether or not to work for this company.

You can search for a variety of jobs including insurance and finance. Employees who work for banks, insurance companies, financial companies…. They value the job, the relationship with the supervisor, the salary, the incentive plan, the personnel policy … among many other factors. So, with the information from such an online tool, you can determine which companies in the finance and insurance sectors are the best companies to work for.

A tool like Gowork helps build the company’s online reputation and helps companies know what their employees think of them in a free way. If your personnel policy is correct, the comments will be used for improvement. Most importantly, it helps people looking for work in a sector as competitive as finance and insurance to find employment by quickly identifying the companies where they want to develop their careers.

Once that’s done, it’s time to create a resume that will stand out – there are numerous tools online that can help you with this if you don’t know how – and to complete the profile of the LinkedIn professional network exactly which attracts Recruiter attention. A very interesting option is to search LinkedIn for the company pages of the companies for which you have identified yourself as the ones you want to work for.

If you follow the corporate pages of these companies on LinkedIn, you will be aware of all the job vacancies published in your industry and you can request them through the social network. Additionally, you will be aware of updated information in these companies’ publications that will help you understand their business philosophy and keep you up to date with all the latest news. In addition, their publications will give you a broad knowledge of the insurance and financial sectors, which will undoubtedly make you better prepared to stand out from the day you are called to take part in a selection process.

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