Tips to keep in mind before sending emojis

Maybe you didn’t know, but there is more science behind emojis than you thought. Some have meanings that you may not have noticed – here we have told you what the color of the heart emojis or also the meaning of the classic WhatsApp monkeys mean – and others are not given under certain circumstances.

Be careful when sending emojis, the meaning of which can be misinterpreted

When should you start sending the emoji that gets the heart beating when you meet someone? What emojis should you never send your boss until he sends them first? In this article, we’ll give you humorous advice on how to make better use of your emojis in all circumstances. Attention:

– Don’t send the kiss emoji 😘 until after the first date. This is one of the most common questions users ask when they meet someone. When should you send him kisses? Or when should you send him kisses with your heart? Especially if it’s someone you’ve just been introduced to or met through an app to flirt and meet people, you shouldn’t send your heart until the first date hasn’t happened. If this went well, you can demonstrate your intentions by letting a small heart escape from your emoji’s mouth.

-Emojis that confirm friendship. When you meet someone before sending other types of emojis or jokes, send an emoji that shows friendship, like the dancers dancing together (or the orange heart). When he returns it to you, he pretends to be your friend and opens the door to send other emojis at other times. If you don’t return it, you might not like emojis. Therefore, it is best to reduce the number of shipments you make.

-Emojis with the boss, teacher or colleague. First of all, it is advisable to be careful, especially if you do not know him well or if it is the first few weeks at work. If there is trust, we can send the emoji to have a few beers – or even the one that will make us sleep dead – at work because we went out the day before … but be careful first.

-Emojis to show affection. There are emojis that are used to show affection on any occasion or on special occasions. For example, now that social distancing is being imposed, it may be a bear hug (be a solution or be very excited about a suggestion with a flash of heart). Sending a red heart ❤️ can suggest more than just a sense of friendship so you know how to use it … Perhaps the much purer white heart 🤍 is more appropriate on this occasion.

-Emojis with a lot of confidence. There are emojis that you should only send when the other person is a close contact or you are very confident. Answering a suggestion with vomit by can be misinterpreted by anyone unless they’re your best friend. Also be careful with blasphemy maybe, maybe it’s better if you just show your anger 😠 or anger show.

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