Tips to sell more on Amazon

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If you have an online store on Amazon on which one of the foundations of your business is based or you are dedicated to occasionally sell on the marketplace, you will know that it is not easy to get good results.

Amazon is the leading e-commerce marketplace today.

Selling on Amazon is a challenge, as millions of people use the platform to sell their products. The high level of competition and the evolution of online business practices mean that succeeding in the large online hypermarket is no easy task.

However, it is not impossible. Success can be achieved by following a series of tips, such as those provided by Witailer, a digital consulting, technology and business intelligence solutions agency for brand growth on Amazon and other marketplaces. For your interest, we reproduce five important tips to sell on Amazon and achieve great results.

Tips to sell more and better on Amazon

-Create an engaging and captivating experience: Investing time in improving the visual appearance of the store is critical, as well as employing a variety of content to create an engaging experience for users. Adding videos, product photos, lifestyle images, branding elements and detailed product descriptions are key factors. This will help to tell the brand’s story (storytelling) and differentiate it from the competition.

-Update content: It is recommended to spend time periodically to align the store with new product launches, seasonal events and big sales events, such as Prime Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

-Strategically design the store: It is advisable to take advantage of full-width images in strategic locations to create a visual impact. For example, they can be placed on the home page or at the top and bottom of product category pages. It is important to be cautious when avoiding the use of large images, as they can affect the store’s loading speed. In addition, effective calls to action should be used to guide users to purchase.

-Create a complete home page: most users primarily visit the home page. Therefore, it is essential that it provides significant brand value and showcases a wide variety of products. The navigation structure should be based on the traffic data of each product and the brandstore.

-Prioritize simplicity: Essentially, the brand store should be conceived as a website and ensure that it is easy and intuitive to use. The subpages should be organized and clearly structured so that users can find the desired products with ease.

In addition to these recommendations, it highlights the importance of optimizing visibility on both desktop and mobile devices. It is advisable to avoid using too long text in banners as they cannot be enlarged on mobile devices. It is better to be concise and attractive, avoiding excessive and unattractive lengths.

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