Top 10 action movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO

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Action cinema has always been one of the favorites of users looking for some form of entertainment, just like comedy or horror films. These films usually have plots full of plots Explosions, fights, heroes and breathtaking images as well as all kinds of extreme situations that keep the viewer tense and alert.

For fans of explosions, fast cars, and fighting, the major entertainment platforms have some great titles.

For action movie lovers, major entertainment platforms like Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video have some great titles in their catalog. Here is a selection of the best:

– “Heat” (Amazon Prime Video): An action classic that faces two giants like Robert De Niro and Al Paccino. De Niro is the mastermind of a gang of robbers that operate in Los Angeles and, in their latest hit, murder some guards who will lead them to confront Lieutenant Vincent Hanah, played by Pacino.

– “Die Hard” (HBO): Another great action movie classic. Bruce Willis is Agent John McClane, who was trapped in the Nakatomi Tower in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve when he was taken over by terrorists. The rest is a festival of gunfire and broken glass.

– “Terminator 2: The Final Judgment” (Netflix and Amazon Prime): For some, the exception to the rule that “the second parts were never good”. Sarah Connor and her son John must once again face the Terminators sent from the future to destroy them. Fortunately, this time they will have the help of one of the cyborgs.

– “The Revenant” (Netflix): As a three Academy Awards winner, it’s a story that links vengeance to survival. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and inspired by the true story of Hugh Glass, in which it will be possible to see the best and the worst of man.

– “Guns Akimbo” (Amazon Prime Video): Daniel Radcliffe becomes a programmer who loves to “troll” others on the Internet. One fine day he will have two pistols in hand (literally) and will be participating in a game where the worst criminals in society hunt each other down to kill each other.

– “John Wick 3: Parabellum” (Amazon Prime Video): Third film in the series that revived Keanu Reeves’ career. This time, John has become the main target of the assassin organization. A true all against one.

– “Triple Frontier” (Netflix): Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Pedro Pascal and Charlie Hunnam are the leading quartet of this action film that contains something of a modern western and shows us a group of former Special Forces soldiers preparing a coup against a drug dealer and his hard flight through the South American Jungle.

– “Rocky” (Amazon Prime Video and HBO): It is possible to find the full saga of the Philadelphia boxer films on both platforms. Rocky Balboa is too old and a slow boxer to be a pro, but his passion will lead him to fight for the champion belt.

– “At full throttle” (Amazon Prime Video): For fans of fast cars and action, Amazon Prime Video offers the entire “Full Throttle” saga.

– “Mission Impossible” (Amazon Prime Video): Another complete series (from 1 to 5) for action lovers. The secret agent Ethan Hunt has to face secret organizations that want to provoke confrontations on a global level. Fast vehicles, impossible devices and lots of action.

– “Baby Driver” (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix): Another film for lovers of fast cars and car chases. The story revolves around Baby, a young man suffering from tinnitus (hearing problems) who works as a driver for a group of criminals.

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