Top 10 Comedies on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video

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It’s never a bad time to laugh. Much more at a time like this, when uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic is the order of the day. Fortunately, for users who want to have fun and forget about problems for a while, the major entertainment platforms offer one large selection of comedies.

For all users who want to have fun, these are some of the best comedies that can be found on streaming platforms.

On Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO it is possible to enjoy a variety of films of different genres such as horror or science fiction. Of course, it is also possible to enjoy some comedies like the ones shown below:

– “The Big Lebowski” (Netflix and Amazon Prime Video): A cult comedy directed by the Coen brothers starring Jeff Bridges as El Nota, a hippie who doesn’t want trouble and is involved in a conspiracy.

– “What We Do In The Shadows” (HBO): One of the big surprises of recent times directed by Tayka Waititi. In the form of a mockumentary, it shows us the lives of three vampires who share a house and try to adapt to modern life while still looking for ways to quench their thirst.

– “Brian’s Life” (Amazon Prime Video and Netflix): Regarded by critics as one of the greatest comedies of all time, Monthy Python tells the life of Brian, a Jewish boy with a Roman father who has been mistaken for Jesus since he was born. A film that parodies the life of Jesus with the characteristic humor of the python and is ahead of its time in a few moments to make fun of current situations.

– «Land as you can» (Amazon Prime Video): One of the funniest comedies of all time starring legendary Leslie Nielsen and Lloyd Bridges. The film puts us on a commercial flight between Los Angeles and Chicago, on which the pilots were poisoned by bad food. Everything remains in the hands of a former Air Force pilot who must take control of the aircraft.

– “Hangover in Las Vegas” (Amazon Prime Video): On the Amazon streaming platform, it is possible to find the full trilogy in which we will, one after another, take part in the craziest and wildest bachelorette parties ever seen.

– “The Prince of Zamunda” (Netflix): Eddie Murphy was the king of comedy in the 80s. In this film he plays Prince Akeem, who travels to New York to find a wife and avoid an arranged marriage.

– “Your Parents” (HBO): One of the most famous comedies of the early 2000s. Ben Stiller plays Greg Focker, a Chicago nurse who suggests that his girlfriend Pam tell him that he must win his father Jack’s approval in order to marry Robert De Niro.

– “Four rooms” (Amazon Prime Video): A comedy in which several stories are interspersed, each staged by a famous director like Quentin Tarantino and whose connecting thread is Ted, a bellhop, played by Tim Roth, who is on duty on New Year’s Eve. It’s a very funny comedy with protagonists like Madonna, Bruce Willis or Antonio Banderas.

– “Borat, film film sequel” (Amazon Prime Video): Just released, the second part of the legendary Sacha Baron Cohen comedy. Kazakh reporter Borat has to return to the US to restore the country’s honor, which was lost after the incidents in the first film. However, your mission will be more dangerous than it seems. Controversial and funny like the first part.

– “There is only one father” (Amazon Prime Video): Santiago Segura’s film (and its sequel) are available on the Amazon streaming platform. Javier, a father who never looked after his children, has to look after the little ones, something far more difficult than he would have ever thought.

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