Top 10 digital marketing tools

Digital marketing is complex and consists of many small tasks. In order to manage each of them in the best possible way, it is necessary to have the best analytical tools, measure social reputation, and many others that allow users to easily do each and every one of them. This homework.

Digital marketing tools need to give users the ability to manage every part of a strategy.

With that in mind, there are many tools that there could be as “indispensable” for digital marketing such as email managers, keyword research and analysis tools, CRM or design tools. But there are also tools that bring all of this together that we can recommend to take digital marketing strategy and management to the next level. These are some of the best digital marketing tools:

-Ahrefs: It’s one of the most complete SEO suites out there, although the price is a bit steep as the plans start at $ 99 per month. It provides tools that you can use to take whatever action you need to manage a website’s search engine optimization. You can find keywords, analyze the competition, identify weaknesses in the content and even discover the «content gaps».

-GTmetrix: A tool for measuring the loading speed of a website. It has a free version that can be used to monitor up to 3 websites, as well as a WordPress plugin that can be integrated to improve performance. For those looking for a completely free option for this tool, Google offers PageSpeed ​​Insight.

-Google Analytics: For most, the best web analytics tool out there. It provides information about the visits, the most visited pages, those who are losing the most visitors, where the visits are coming from, and even what devices they are using to visit the site.

-Google Trends: Another simple and completely free tool from Google. This makes it possible to find trends in user search, to discover topics and fashionable keywords that can be used to create content for social networks and for a website. It has filters of all kinds and allows you to search for trends around the world.

-Hootsuite: One of the most comprehensive social media management tools. It allows content programming one by one or in bulk (loading an Excel), as well as keeping track of keywords and brands. It also provides tools for growing audience and finding influencers, as well as analysis and management tools.

-Relaxed: It is one of the most comprehensive team communication services available. Although it has paid versions, it’s free for small teams. Teams can create both private and public channels, as well as private chats.

On the other hand, Slack has integrations for a variety of tools like Google Drive or Asana that can be used to take project management to another level. He even develops his own stories.

-Asana: Asana is a project manager. There is a free version and other paid versions, as well as personalized payment options that adapt to the needs of each team. It is a fluid management system for projects and teamwork with a very visual and dynamic interface. It’s very complete, with project registration and visualization, setting delivery times, prioritizing tasks, assigning tasks to specific team members, identifying bottlenecks, reporting and conducting communications.

-Google Ads: Google’s free tool for managing ads on the Internet. It is based on a PPC (Pay Per Click) system. It also has a keyword planning tool that can help you find the keywords that are best suited to position your ad and improve your results.

-Buzzsumo: Content research tool that is used to identify influencers, as well as the websites and content that are best suited for a given keyword. It’s a great option to identify accounts to interact with and discover important content.

-Yoast SEO: It’s a plugin that can be used to improve the SEO of a WordPress website. It has a very simple and intuitive operation that visually (as if it were a traffic light) shows the SEO status of each website. You can use it to manage everything that is related to the search engine optimization of a page, from the Robots.txt page to the sitemap to the meta descriptions.

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