Top 15 best cryptocurrency podcasts in Spanish (2022)

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If you are interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and want to know more about where to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin… or any other digital currency, a recommended option to get started in this sector -or to deepen your knowledge if you are already an experienced investor- is to listen to some podcasts about cryptocurrencies in Spanish.

On the network you will find plenty of such content, both among the best podcasts on Spotify, as well as on platforms such as iVoox or Apple Podcasts. However, their quality may vary, so in this article we are going to recommend what, in the opinion of our editors, are the 15 best podcasts about cryptocurrencies that you can listen to today.

The selection criterion has been the following: to look for those podcasts about cryptocurrencies that offer more reliable information, that analyze market trends, that are able to anticipate future movements and, above all, that inform and also alert the user that this is a very volatile field, in which you have to invest with caution, knowing that there is some risk.

You know, as the experts say, never invest more than you would be willing to be able to lose, but if you invest consciously and advised by the knowledge of the best experts, your chances of success will be greater. That’s why we recommend the following best cryptocurrency podcasts in Spanish:

Best cryptocurrency podcasts

-Bitcoin Territory: One of the best cryptocurrency podcasts is Territorio Bitcoin, as attested by the fact that it is one of those with the largest base of followers of the network and is one of the most traditional. If you want to stay abreast of the cryptocurrency universe, be sure to follow this podcast, and do not be guided only by its title, because in addition to Bitcoin, you will also learn all the news about other digital currencies such as Cardano, Ethereum and many more.

-Lunaticoin: A podcast where we talk about Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, in Spanish, and where we analyze what is involved in investing and give tips to have more chances of success. Undoubtedly one of the best podcasts about cryptocurrencies in Spanish that exist today.

-Talking about cryptocurrencies: Expert Christian Wupperman publishes a very easy to understand podcast that will help you to get familiar with concepts such as Bitcoin, Exchanges, digital wallets… and also about NFT or Blockchain.

– CryptoTek: All the latest news from the Bitcoin universe, with tips for investing in cryptocurrencies and understanding why their prices fluctuate so much, in the podcast by the popular Alfredo Gordian, don’t miss it if you are looking to get started in the world of cryptocurrency investment.

-Speaking Crypto: Two young investors, Cristian and Oscar, have been making profits and also some losses in the world of cryptocurrencies for more than 6 years. With them you will learn from their experience and, above all, you will acquire knowledge to anticipate future trends.

-why didn’t I listen to you: The title of this podcast already says a lot about the content you will find in it and also promises that you will no longer ask yourself that question when you go to invest. If you listen to the expert Santiago Siri, you will understand the ins and outs of the crypto universe, but also other related concepts such as Blockchain or NFTs.

-The crypto thing: A long-lived podcast, in which you will find already more than 40 episodes, which specializes in analyzing the different cryptocurrencies and their evolution in order to anticipate how they will fluctuate in the future.

-Bitcoin a Day: Another classic among the best cryptocurrency podcasts in Spanish. Here we pay special attention to current news, so you will be up to date on cryptocurrency valuation and fluctuation, current trends… and much more.

-Cryptocurrencies up to date: Similar in name to the previous one, this podcast is hosted by expert Victor Juarez, and in it you will find all the breaking news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu… and many more digital currencies.

-A podcast about bitcoin: This podcast is part of our list because, although its name indicates otherwise, it talks in depth not only about Bitcoin, but also about the rest of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The experience of its host, Alberto Mera, will give you the keys to understand this world and learn more about investment and economics in general.

-CryptoMonedasTV: still wondering what to do to invest in cryptocurrencies? In this podcast you will know everything about the world of trading, with tips for investing in cryptos and digital assets. Anticipate upcoming investment opportunities by listening to the contents of this podcast.

-Pau Ninja: If you consider yourself a cryptocurrency ninja, or you want to become one, this is your reference podcast. Everything about the crypto world but also about economics, investment, lifestyle… in one of the best cryptocurrency podcasts of 2022. Listening to it is a delight.

-EconomiCast: Understand in a simple way the secrets of economics with this podcast, in which special attention is paid to cryptocurrencies. Investing in Bitcoin or any other currency will be easier by acquiring the general knowledge offered to you periodically in this podcast.

-Crypto Space: If you want to know everything about trading, especially aimed at those who want to get started in this world, this podcast is for you. Two young investors -Abraham and Lalo- explain you the secrets of investment in an easy and simple way.

-Cryptotrends: A podcast designed for all those enthusiasts of economics and investment. With a strong community in social networks, it pays special attention to cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain universe.

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