Top SEO positioning factors for 2021


With the regular changes and updates to the algorithms and quality factors that Google adds from time to time, SEO is a discipline that is out there in constant motion. Professionals know that and that’s why they stay excited for updates from Google.

Google’s new ranking factors for 2021 are defined by the latest algorithm update called Page Experience.

2020 was a year of many changes for SEO with the introduction of Core Web Vitals and the recognition of EATs as a quality factor for websites. Many users are wondering what will happen next and what the new ranking factors for 2021 will look like.

-Core Web Vitals: Core Web Vitals will also be a very important ranking factor in 2021. Content loading times, response times and content jumps while loading are the three pillars of Web Vitals. With this in mind, it is important to pay attention to the CSS code of the page so that there are no jumps when loading images when the website is generally loaded.

-EAT: Expertise, Authority, Confidence or in Spanish, Experience, Authority and Confidence. This is another quality factor that Google pays special attention to and which particularly affects all pages on which medical or paid content is published.

For example, today it is almost impossible for a medical site to position content that was not written by a doctor. It is difficult to know how Google converts this quality factor into a ranking factor. However, this could affect new and smaller websites as they need experts to make their content conform to the EAT.

-AMP: AMP has always been a quick way to increase the speed of a website. However, it was never clear whether or not it was a ranking factor. This changed in 2020 with Google’s Page Experience update, where the use of AMP in pages was mandatory in order to appear in the “Top Stories” of the Google SERP.

AMP’s future is uncertain due to certain security and privacy issues. This has resulted in Google pulling out of the obligation to use AMP for posting in the “Top Stories” so that AMP can go away and give way to other safer acceleration technologies in the years to come.

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