Top tips to get the most out of SkyShowtime

Are you ready to maximize your enjoyment of SkyShowtime? With our top tips and tricks, you can get the most out of your streaming service for an unbeatable experience. Keep reading to learn the best practices for utilizing all SkyShowtime has to offer!

The best tricks for SkyShowtime

The new streaming platform SkyShowtime is now available in Spain. One of its main attractions is that it has the backing of renowned production companies such as Dreamworks, Universal and Paramount, so there is quality content to watch in your spare time. You will find some of the best SkyShowtime series of the moment and there are also good movies on SkyShowTime.

SkyShowtime is here to stay, its launch price is affordable and the platform offers a quality catalog that is appealing.

If among all the available streaming platforms you want to purchase the SkyShowtime subscription, here you will find a list with some simple tricks. They will help you get the most out of the application. No important function will be left out, you will navigate through the system with total freedom.

Things to keep in mind if you subscribe to SkyShowTime.

– 50% off forever: if you join the service before April 25, the price of the service will be halved for life. The monthly subscription costs 5.99 euros, the amount will be reduced to 2.99 euros. To get the discount you have to sign up from your computer on the SkyShowtime website. This method will not work if you subscribe from your mobile or tablet.

– Account sharing: SkyShowtime is one of the digital platforms that allow you to share your account. So, you can share your profile with your friends or family, you just have to give the person the access data. Which in this case are the email address and password. Within the app you can create up to six profiles with a personalized list.

– PIN for each account: if you do not want anyone to access your profile so that they do not disorganize your history, it will be enough to generate a PIN. To do this, just go to the profile settings and enter the “Profile PIN” function, enter the general password for the account and then proceed to generate the password.

– Configure subtitles: a differential point of the platform is that it will allow you to change the subtitle font. If you want to change them, go to the website, enter the configuration menu, go to “Account” – “Configuration” and scroll down to find the option. You will be able to choose the font, the color, the background shadow and the shade of the font.

– Download content: it is possible to download whatever you want so that you can watch it without an Internet connection. Just click on the series or movie in question to enable the “Download” option, which is distinguished by the icon of an arrow pointing downwards.

– Wi-Fi only playback: if you have SkyShowtime on your mobile and you don’t want to waste your data by mistake, this function will be useful for you. Just click on the avatar in the upper right corner. Choose “Account” – “Settings” and choose the first option you will see on the screen “Wi-Fi only playback”.

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