#TrescomLab, Trescom’s online knowledge center


#TrescomLab makes training and analysis on the latest digital marketing trends available to customers, partners and the general public.

Trescom boosts its commitment to digital communication channels with the creation of. #TrescomLab. TrescomLab is a digital laboratory of ideas which makes available to customers, partners and the general public a knowledge center fed by the different digital marketing and communication specialists of the agency.

The digital communication is key to reaching client audiences and, therefore, achieving strategic KPIs. This area is intrinsically linked to all PR and communication actions, and changes every year, every month and even every day. The objective of this knowledge center is to share the constant updating of all Trescom agency professionals to the general public.

For the time being, such fundamental topics as the. SEO (‘Without SEO there is no paradise’), the resolution of online reputation crisis (‘Online reputation: more than crisis management’), the secrets of GA4 (‘The new Google Analytics 4’), the actions with. influencers, especially micro(‘Optimize your marketing with influencers’), or the use of the Artificial Intelligence in the communication sector (‘AI for your daily life’).

Every month, #TrescomLab deals with a topic related to digital marketing, around which a series of contents, events and specials are articulated that make up a complete laboratory on that topic. Each of these themes, with its contents, events and specials, is “curated” by the agency’s most expert team member in each of the fields.

So far, thousands of visits to the website, nearly 3,000 video reproductions and 10,000 impressions on social networks have been achieved with the content generated by the company’s experts in the field of #TrescomLab.

For Fernando Clavijo, Digital Director of Trescom, “betting on this type of projects strengthens us in the field of marketing and digital communication, to make visible our great expertise thanks to the more than 15 professionals who are part of the digital department”.

With nearly 50 clients in digital communication, including Línea Directa, Novaluz, Intrum, Solvia, Natural Honey or the music festivals of Mouro Producciones; this initiative is another step of the company Trescom to position itself as an online marketing agency of reference.

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