Tricks to reduce Google Chrome battery consumption

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Did you know that the Chrome browser is one of the applications that consume the most battery on any device? Fortunately, there are several methods to reduce Google Chrome’s battery consumption.

One of them is to use one of the best apps to save battery. However, if you do not want to install third-party tools, here you will find a series of tricks with which you will significantly reduce Google Crome’s battery consumption.

Tips to use less battery when using Google Chrome

These are some of the things you can do to save battery life when using Google Chrome:

Turn off automatic sync

An advantage of Chrome automatic syncing is that it allows you to access certain data and features by simply signing in with your Google account on any device. If saving battery is a priority for you, then you should disable this functionality. These are the steps you must follow:

– Open Chrome and click on the three vertical dots icon that appears in the upper right corner.

– Press “Settings”.

– In the pop-up menu, click on the “Synchronization” option.

– Then press “Deactivate”.

Google Chrome Sync

Close all tabs you don’t use

The more tabs you have open at the same time, the greater the demand for resources by Google Chrome. Make sure to close each of those tabs that you don’t need to reduce the number of tasks the browser runs simultaneously.

Disable page preloading

Page preloading is a feature that Chrome uses to load pages that it thinks you might want to visit in advance. Obviously, this background activity will consume your battery power without you noticing. This is how you should proceed to deactivate preload:

– Tap the three dots symbol in Chrome and go to “Settings”.

– Select “Privacy and security”.

– On the next page, go to “Third Party Cookies” and press the “Preload pages” tab.

– Finally, choose “Do not preload”.

Google Chrome Preload

Modify Chrome’s battery consumption settings

We tell you how to use the battery usage management function that all Android terminals incorporate and you can reduce battery consumption by Chrome:

– Enter the settings menu and locate the “Applications” section.

– Select Google Chrome from the list of recently opened apps. If it doesn’t appear, press “See all apps” and choose Chrome.

– Now you will be able to view the application information page. There, you must enter the “Battery” section.

– Finally, activate the “Restricted” or “Optimized” option, this will depend on the device and Android version.

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