Twitch allows certain nudity in live streams

Twitch, despite the fact that in its beginnings it became a place where porn and adult content proliferated, for years it has had an ironclad collection of limitations and rules to determine what can be shown in live broadcasts and what No.

However, being so strict has led the platform to lose many content creators – and a large audience that was looking for these types of elements in the broadcasts – who have ended up going to other streaming applications to satisfy their desires and needs, such as OnlyFans.

Faced with this situation, Twitch has decided to relax its sexual content policies to allow some that until now were strictly prohibited on the platform. It is not that it is going to become the competitor, as it continues to have numerous limitations – sometimes somewhat confusing – around what can be published and what cannot, but Twitch does open the door to more things being seen. than before in live broadcasts.

all for get more audience and increase viewing time means of the content on the platform.

What content can now be shown on Twitch

For example, Twitch will now allow creators can show full nudity, as long as they are “artistic representations.” According to the company, it will also be necessary for the content to be properly labeled, so that audiences know what they are going to find and also so that Twitch’s algorithms can easily identify it and not show it to minors, only to audiences that are of legal age. .

The relaxation of the rules on Twitch also allows content that “deliberately highlights the breasts or pelvic region” and shows drawings, animations or sculptures with nudity.

In the same way, suggestive dances will also have a place on Twitch. For example, performing striptease or pole dancing will be allowed on the platform from now on. Also show tattoos and drawings made on sensitive parts of the body, such as breasts and buttocks.

Therefore, although erotic content is not explicitly allowed, Twitch does open the door to “sensual” content that can attract creators who until now use platforms like OnlyFans. In fact, Twitch also has its own monetization system, and with large audiences you can also obtain significant income through the streaming platform.

Just a few months ago, Twitch prevented a streamer from earning money for presenting her videos in a bikini. Now that limitation is completely obsolete, according to the regulatory relaxation that the platform has just experienced.

What cannot be broadcast on Twitch

In any case, despite the relaxation in the rules, Twitch is still strict in some points. For example, it is still prohibited to present completely naked live shows. Presenters will also not be able to show nude photographs, drawings or representations of any kind unless they are clearly identified as artistic works.

In the same way, Twitch also does not allow representations of sexual acts or masturbation to be shown, in these cases, not even based on artistic criteria.

The restrictions also affect video games whose games are broadcast on Twitch. All those in which there are scenes of nudity, pornography or sexual violence, whether it is the main plot of the game or an accessory element, are completely prohibited.

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