Twitter allows to include links to Shopify online stores in the profile

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Twitter has reached an agreement with Shopify which will allow direct links to products for sale on the online retail platform to be integrated into the social network’s user profile page.

The user profile page on Twitter will be able to display a carousel of products for sale on Shopify

To activate it, users who wish to do so must activate an add-on that connects both Twitter and Shopify platforms, from which, thanks to the Shop Module module of the social network, they will be able to build their own online store from Twitter, stocked with products for sale on Shopify.

This add-on would automatically add a carousel of products coming from Shopify on the user’s Twitter profile, and visitors to that profile will be able to browse the products or expand the carousel to a view with 50 products. Selecting any of them will redirect the navigation to the product seller’s own Shopify section.

Online store owners will be able to synchronize the catalog of their products displayed on Shopify and, through this add-on, on Twitter, so that it is always updated without the need to do it individually with each product when there is a need to make any change in features, price or stock.

The collaboration between Twitter and Shopify began in 2015, when for the first time it was possible to include “Shop Now” buttons in the tweets themselves, taking the visitor to the product sale page itself on Shopify, although this option disappeared in 2017. Also this same month Twitter added (although only to the iOS version of its app) an option that allows sellers to include reminders about their products on a pre-release basis, as part of the social network’s monetization strategy.

Shopify has also signed other agreements, for example with TikTok, to boost e-commerce. on other social platforms.

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