Two new skeletons in Pompeii

Italian archaeologists discovered them. They are in the devastated ancient Roman city. The first thing you notice is that they are very well preserved. These are the details of two new skeletons in Pompeii.

As deduced, these two people were killed by an earthquake simultaneous with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. This was reported by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Two new skeletons in Pompeii were found these days.
Two new skeletons in Pompeii were found these days.

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“It was the hell of the eruption of 79 AD. The one where the inhabitants of the ancient city of Pompeii were found, including the last two victims. These skeletons were discovered during excavations on the island of the Chaste Lovers,” the statement said.

The two individuals are men at least 55 years old. They died from “multiple trauma caused by the collapse” of the walls of the house of the Castos Amantes. It is a multi-story residential building, due to an earthquake that accompanied the volcanic eruption.

“It was not only the eruption that caused the death of the inhabitants of the area. A concomitant earthquake also occurred”, the text determines.

The two men lay crouched on their sides in a small outbuilding. They probably tried to hide there. It was not in use at the time because repairs were being made at the time of the eruption.

Pompeii was ferociously ravaged by the volcanic eruption.
Pompeii was fiercely ravaged by volcanic eruption.

Coins and objects

Six bronze and silver coins were found next to the skeletons. There are also small pieces of glass identifiable as beads from a necklace. There are amphorae from Crete originally used to transport wine. And there are traces of a domestic shrine in the form of a fresco, as well as vases, bowls and pitchers stacked against one of the walls.

“Modern excavation techniques help us. Thus we can better understand the inferno that completely destroyed the city of Pompeii in two days. It killed many inhabitants: children, women and men. With analysis and methodologies we can approach the last moments of those who lost their lives”. The director of the archaeological park, Gabriel Zuchtriegel, emphasized this. These two new skeletons in Pompeii really seem close.

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