Types of Google paid accounts

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The Google paid accounts are an alternative that the search giant makes available to you to enjoy additional features. For example, they allow access to exclusive content, apps and games, as well as extra features and superior cloud storage.

Workspace for Education and Business allow you to proactively manage everything related to your educational institution or company.

Some of the paid Google accounts you can access include Google One, the various Workspace plans, Play Pass, and generally most Google Drive cloud services. Below you can find more information about what Play Pass and Workspace (Business and For Education) have to offer.

Google premium account types

These are some of Google’s top paid accounts and the services they give you access to:

Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass is a subscription service available in Spain since 2020. Thanks to Google Play Pass you can access a wide variety of premium applications and full versions of games from the Google Play Store. You will enjoy all of them completely free of ads. In addition, this payment system allows you to add up to five family members that you have configured in your Google account.

To start using Google Play Pass you just have to enter the Google Play Store, click on the menu with three horizontal stripes and choose the Play Pass option. You will have two alternatives: a monthly plan for 4.99 euros and an annual plan for 29.99 euros.

Google Workspace

The G-Suite applications are free. However, through Workspace’s paid plans you can access several extra features of the various office programs and productivity tools such as Sheets, Docs and Slides, Drive, Calendar, Meet, etc.

The paid options that Google makes available to you through Workspace are Workspace Business and Education.

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Workspace for Business

As the name suggests, it is aimed primarily at companies or businesses that want to take advantage of Google Workspace’s collaborative options. The packages are as follows:

Business Starter: is the most basic plan for businesses and the monthly subscription costs $6.00. This package features 30 GB of cloud storage, secure business email and video calls for up to 100 participants.

– Account Business Standard: for $12.00 per month, your company can benefit from 2 TB of storage, video calls for 150 participants, video recording, and slightly more advanced security and management controls.

Business Plus: in this case you will get 5 TB of hosting, 250 member video calls, enhanced security controls (Vault), among other benefits, for $18.00 per month.

Business Enterprise: secure email with S/MIME encryption, video calls with attendance logging and noise reduction, as much cloud space as you need, premium support and more for $23/month.

Workspace for Education

The payment plans that will allow you to enhance the educational quality in your institution through Workspace’s technological tools are the following:

Education Standard: access to all Workspace apps, plus advanced device and app management, security center, audit logs and more ($3 per year per student).

Teaching and Learning Upgrade: Google Classroom add-ons, Google Meet video calls with 250 participants, unlimited originality reports, among others ($4 per license per month).

Education Plus: Customized Cloud Search, Google Classroom roster sync, personalized assistance, etc. ($5/year per student).

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