Types of relationship between humans and cats

You have a cat? Then you have to read this. What types of relationships between humans and cats are there according to science? We are sure you will recognize some. Up to five categories have been defined. The research comes from the University of Lincoln, UK. Almost 4,000 owners of these cats were involved.

Science identifies the types of relationships between humans and cats.
Science identifies the types of relationships between humans and cats.
Cat dynamics

The study characterizes the different types of relationships cats can form with their owners. Use the theories of human attachment and social support. The questionnaire collects information about various emotional elements that could sustain the relationship. This includes the owner’s commitment to the cat, sensitivity to the cat’s needs, and others. These as reported in a statement from the University of Lincoln.

Five different types of cat-owner relationships have been identified. ‘Open Relationship’, ‘Remote Association’, ‘Casual Relationship’, ‘Codependency’ and ‘Friendship’.

Professor Daniel Mills is a specialist in animal behavior. He said, “Cats have close emotional relationships with people. Little is known about this, however. It depends on the dynamics between the two people involved and certain personality traits.

“Cats can be aloof, but it’s not as common as it could be portrayed. So, the cat’s wider sociability and the expectations of the owner may matter. The decisive factor is the owner’s emotional commitment to the cat and the cat’s sociability.

The owner's commitment to the cat's needs is crucial.
The owner’s commitment to the cat’s needs is crucial.
Complex relationship

The “open relationship” was characterized by a slightly emotionally involved owner and an elusive cat. The “Remote Association” and the “Casual Relationship” involved an emotionally relatively distant owner. The “co-dependent” and “friendship” relationships had emotionally engaged owners. But here, too, the cat’s acceptance of others varied.

How does it help to know the types of relationships between humans and cats? The research is designed to improve understanding of owners’ relationships with pets. However, much remains to be learned about these little dictators.

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