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When you enter an online casino to play slots you have at your disposal different types of machines. Each one offers different features and a game mode with alternative possibilities. In this article we will show you all about the types of slot machines, how they are played and much more information about them. You will be surprised to learn the secrets of these popular gambling machines.

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Video Slots

Video slots are easily identifiable because the graphic reels are projected on a computerized screen. You can play in a Chile video casino and live a unique experience. This frees the machine from design restrictions. This is the reason why we can see 5 reels in which designs that deviate from the popularly known models can appear.

Video technology helped to create such modalities as free spins and bonuses. So slot games went one step higher and became a good source of money. Moreover, there is no need to possess any special skills as these machines are played at your own pace.

One of the main advantages of video slots is that they have thousands of paylines. Not to mention that they have a very attractive and eye-catching visual design. To play it we only need to know the rules and the meanings of the symbols and special icons for the bonus rounds.

Classic Slots

The first thing you should know is the. Those that were designed after the appearance of the first machines of the physical casinos. These machines had 3 reels with figures and a payline. This is the perfect machine to start in the game.

For beginners the best option is to start with the classic slot machines. They are the best way to get familiar with the game and the little tricks behind the game. Being a quieter way to play without distractions such as high quality audio and complex visual effects.

However, the simplicity of classic slot machines is also appealing to many experienced players. They prefer and enjoy them much more than the more modern alternatives. Although many players also use them and prefer them for nostalgia reasons.

3D Slots

The combination of 3D technology allows the creation of a slot machine that combines classic features with modern machinery. Thus allowing to create a new and unforgettable gaming experience. As the creativity in terms of game terms is exploited in 3D slots. Learn more about this popular game.

This type of slots is part of a futuristic proposal for physical and online casinos. Putting this kind of games within the reach of a new generation that is used to electronic games and content. Counting on the fact that the advances in 3D technology are getting better and better in operation and detail.

Progressive slots

Progressive slot machines have a quite interesting game mode. Each time the player introduces his coin, a percentage of this money is taken. Which is added to an amount of money that constitutes a jackpot and gets bigger with each shot.

This is how big prizes or jackpots work in progressive slot machines. The money that is deposited increases the jackpot prize progressively. This is obtained by a lucky player who reaches the necessary combo to win the prize.

So the more a progressive slot machine is played, the bigger the jackpot of this machine becomes. Once the jackpot is won and collected the machine resets the initial amount of money. In this way, the jackpot starts to increase again until the arrival of a new winner.

Flat top slots

jackpot slots

You may be searching about slot machines you will find the term: Flat top. Which can generate confusion because we do not know what it is really about. We will see that in reality it is nothing too complicated, because in most aspects it is a normal slot machine.

The term refers to a jackpot that the machine has in a fixed way in its configuration. This means that no matter how many people play in this type of machine, the prize will always be the same. This means that no matter the number of people playing in this type of machine, the prize will always be the same, which takes away the possibility of increasing as it is played.

That is why we are not likely to see incredible prizes like 1 million dollars in this kind of machines. However, we must take into account that the probabilities of winning the jackpot are higher.

Online slots VS physical slot machines

There are two main categories to name slot machines. On the one hand we have online slots and slots that can be played physically. These can usually be found in casinos in the real world. They can also be found in airports and hotel lobbies.

Online slot machines we can play them from the comfort of our home. Through online casinos or applications that allow us to play from our phones anywhere with internet connection.

Both have their particular characteristics that make them ideal for certain types of gaming consumers. On the one hand, experienced players and casino lovers will prefer physical slots. Both for the game mode and for the immediate reward in case of winning.

Online slots are preferred by new players and the younger ones prefer the more modern alternatives. In that case they opt for the online alternative because it offers a greater and better comfort at the game level. We can play from the comfort of our home or anywhere if we have the necessary equipment to connect to an online casino.

Online slots use electronic means of payment and currencies to function. They contemplate a wide range of payment modes and have a superior reach worldwide. Let’s not forget that these slots have a greater variety in terms of game modes and bonuses for the players.

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