UAP is the new acronym that replaces UFO

For NASA, investigating any “unidentified aerial phenomena” is of vital importance. The purpose of the investigation is to obtain information about the event, besides having the security of the country fully covered. So important is it that they changed the name of these “unidentified aerial phenomena”, UAP, for its acronym in English, to what used to be UFO. The change of the acronym is due to the fact that it is a phenomenon and not an object.


Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP.

Since recently, a change of focus on the shared information related to extraterrestrial life is noticeable, as a broadening in the discourse on UFOs. This change was noticeable in the first public meeting held by NASA, where a group of experts admit that they need more and better data. Until recently, the subject of UFOs was dismissed out of hand by any U.S. agency.

In addition, they changed the acronym that identifies them. The new acronym that identifies these events is UAP, which stands for “unidentified aerial phenomenon” or unidentified aerial phenomenon.

Just a few days ago took place the public meeting that lasted about 4 hours. They explained that many of the sightings documented in the past were not resolved because of the limited data available. Many times, those data were scarce or unlikely to be certified.

One of the experts, explained, that better recordings and reliable data are needed to give veracity to the phenomenon. So far, according to NASA, there is no evidence linking these sightings to the existence of extraterrestrial life.

NASA team analyzes each UAP sighting

In June 2022, NASA created a team of professionals with a special objective, the study of UAPs in a scientific manner. The group of experts met for the first time at the aforementioned public meeting.

The team, composed of 16 experts in the field, will publish in July 2023 a report on what has been discovered so far in the different areas under their responsibility. The study comprises 800 cases of sightings, phenomena that occurred in the last three decades. Many of them are easily identifiable and only some are unrecognizable and impossible to identify.

The scientists clarified to the press, that the aim of the group is not to search for or certify extraterrestrial life, but the purpose is to study UAPs. They also stated that the presence of UAP in airspace is a real problem for security, both military and civilian. It is for this reason that the group meets to study the cases and determine if the sightings can be considered an air safety risk.

Most of the events studied have a rational explanation. Some are commercial aircraft, weather balloons, military or civilian drones. In other cases, they are weather phenomena, ionospheric phenomena or military equipment under test.

However, they are the fewest, but there are some cases that are unexplainable and for their study more certain information needs to be gathered.

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