UN Women

There is an organization within the United Nations that is devoted entirely to women. It is UN Women, which is dedicated to promoting women’s equality in a world run largely by men. It also deals with the empowerment of women to gain independence and freedom of action.

UN Women

UN Women works to improve the living conditions of women around the world.

The organization is responsible for providing better living conditions and meeting the needs of women around the world. UN Women provides support to UN Member States to generate international laws or regulations for gender equality and equal opportunities.

It does this by working with governments and civil societies to create policies, standards or programs to meet the needs of all women and girls. It also works to ensure that women have equal conditions in all spheres of life.

Currently, the organization is involved in the Sustainable Development Goals around the world.

Priorities of the Organization

UN Women has five objectives that are priorities:

  1. Increasing women’s leadership and participation within society and politics.
  2. Ending violence and abuse against women and girls.
  3. Involve women in peace and security processes.
  4. Improve women’s empowerment and their economic independence and equal pay.
  5. Prioritize gender equality, when approving each government’s national budgets for development.

Gender equality is a basic universal human right and achieving its implementation has very important socio-economic implications. Empowering women promotes economies to grow and prosper, stimulating competition, productivity and growth. However, throughout the world, gender inequalities are present and deeply rooted in societies.

Because of this, women find it difficult to compete for a job with men and are often discriminated against. In addition, wage gaps are more than considerable, there are large differences between what women and men are paid for doing the same job.

In some countries, it is prohibitively expensive for women to have access to basic education and health care. They are also denied participation in major decision-making processes, such as in politics or the economy.

Over the past decades, UN Women made valuable advances in achieving gender equality. Some of these achievements are the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence against Women. (CEDAW).

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