Understanding new trends in SERP to improve SEO

What are search engine SERPs

The competition for top positions of Google’s results pages is becoming increasingly fierce. In this context, knowing and knowing how to anticipate new trends and features of SERPs can be an advantage over competitors, as it allows us to understand how searches and user intentions work.

SERPs evolve, as do usage habits, so we have to know how to adapt and take advantage of the new features they incorporate.

First of all, we have to understand what users’ search intentions are. We must be aware that people have complex behaviors, something that is also transferred to the searches we perform. In this regard, search engines have been striving for years to adapt to these complexitiescomplex algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been developed.

Google’s goal as a search engine is to to offer a simple experience to the users and, at the same time, be complete and satisfactory. Our goal, therefore, should be to make it easy for the search engine to classify content according to the users’ search intent, while at the same time making the content as clear, detailed and complete as possible.

On the other hand, beyond search intent, which plays a fundamental role in SEO, we have to be aware of other factors that affect search. In this case, these are social factors such as age, gender, location and also income, education and health.

Finally, we cannot leave out the new features of search result pages. An excellent way to improve positioning is to create content and configure it so that it appears in the video result cardsbut also as part of the content selected for the “Related searches” section, in “Other user questions” and also in the image or video snippets.

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