Upcoming releases: February 2020 games

As expected, the months before the next releases of the new generation of consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, seem to be somewhat empty when it comes to big games and new IP’s. And more when we talk about the shortest month of a leap year.

However, that does not mean that we do not have several releases that deserve to keep track, highlighting the large number of adaptations between platforms, aesthetic games and retro arcade gameplay, and the occasional surprise.

Here is a list of what we consider to be the next most interesting releases for the month of February, ordered by their departure date:

February 4

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

From the creators of Sniper Elite 4 we get a new installment of this survival horror shooter that will move us to the Europe of the 40s to face hordes of zombies and supernatural abominations.

Whether alone, with friends or online, we will soon be able to enjoy this title on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as on PC, where it will land as a temporary exclusive for the Epic Games Store.

Monster Energy Supercross 3

Milestone delights us again with a new delivery of motocross, that far from the past MXGP and MX2 championships, the iconic Monster Energy Supercross show will focus on the circuits.

Dated for its simultaneous arrival to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, we also find one of the next few releases that will also reach the Google Stadia streaming console.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

35 years after the original premiere of Jim Henson's film, and after the small delay since December, we finally get this new adaptation in the form of a game of turn-based tactical role, which will release the new Netflix series to bring it directly to PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

February 5th


An extravagant indie delivery could not be missing among the next releases. And this game will bring together the action and adventures of the metroidvania with parkour and ninjas, in a story in which we will embody a tablet that joins the revolt to stop an evil Artificial Intelligence.

So, maintaining its strong commitment to small developers, we can find this game on PC through Steam, and among the Switch's Nindies.

February 6th


As defined by Eurogamer, we find a perfect cross between Celeste and Dead Cells, with a rogue-lite retro pixel atmosphere platform in which the frantic fighting and loaded with enemies stand out.

Currently available for PC through Steam early access, we will soon be able to enjoy the final delivery of the game.

February 11th

Yakuza 5 Remastered

Completing the releases of the Yakuza Remastered Collection, finally the last remastered installment of the dragon of Dojima arrives on PS4, and one of the most representative games of action, drama and honor of SEGA.

February 13th

Necronator: Dead Wrong

Another clear example that independent developers can become more innovative than the industry giants comes to us with this title of humor and action, which combines the real-time strategy with building card decks.

Previously available in early access through Steam, the final version of this PC game will finally be enabled.

February 14th

Darksiders Genesis

As we anticipated, in addition to the large number of adaptations for consoles, the next February releases bring us new surprises like Darksiders Genesis, which leaves the genre Hack and Slash to become a Dungeon Crawler cooperative multiplayer, keeping all the action of the Darksiders universe.

Anticipating the launch of Diablo IV, we will soon be able to face the creatures of hell on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Despite having a smaller audience outside the Asian territory, Koei Tecmo is still committed to bringing the latest deliveries of this to Europe and America Hack and splash, crossover of the classic Dynasty Warriors saga.

Master the power of the gods to face countless hordes of enemies and champions from your PC, PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

As much as the years go by, the fever for this arcade fighting classic It seems to have no end. Although neither has its model for updating additional content, which instead of adding new deliveries, focuses on offering us a new expansion with more characters, costumes and scenarios for those who already own the game on PC and PS4.


Create, play and share your experiences in this incredible new exclusive PS4 title developed by the LittleBigPlanet team, which promises us a freedom as wide as our own imagination.

18th of February

Bayonetta & Vanquish

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of Bayonetta and Vanquish, SEGA brings us the first remastered version of both games, re-scaled up to 4K graphics and 60 fps, and all the classic gameplay of these two cult games.

A lot of action, hack and slash and shooters await us soon in this special pack only available for PS4 and Xbox One.

February 20th

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

Unlike the remastered version for PC and PS4 that we had the opportunity to analyze, this time the demon hunter trilogy has been launched on the Nintendo portable console in a staggered manner, finally being completed with the arrival of its latest and most challenging title, considered as one of the best and most representative works of the genre «Hack and Slash».

February 21st

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Following the line of the original titles, and honoring his name, we find a new installment of the Tower Defense and cooperative RPG action, with new levels, functionalities, and many accessories to customize our heroes.

Also present in our list of upcoming releases, in this case we find the date of opening your Early Access, and not the complete launch of the game, which for the moment will be available exclusively for PC and through Steam.

February 24th

Two Point Hospital

Standing out among the next releases we find the return of the classic Theme Hospital, a strategic simulator in which we will have to manage our own hospital to treat patients with diseases worthy of television programs.

Previously released on PC, the game will finally become available on consoles, with a full landing on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Conan Chop Chop

No, it wasn't a joke. Fulfilling all odds, we find one of the most curious bets between the next February releases. And it is that this installment of Conan the barbarian will change the high quality graphics and open worlds for characters drawn as scribbles, and a system of instantiated dungeons and maps procedurally generated.

With the only absence of mobile devices (where we could almost run the game), Conan Chop Chop will make a complete landing for all platforms, available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Infliction: Extended Cut

Released on PC, now it is up to PS4, Xbox One and Switch consoles to receive the extended version of this title of atmospheric terror, which in addition to all the content of the original version, will include new elements for the story, new unlockable endings, and a new game mode Plus with increased difficulty.

February 25

DOTA Underlords

The biggest surprise of this list comes with the recently announced (specifically today) definitive arrival of the Valve IP, which, as Riot Games is already doing with League of Legends, will extend the characters of the DOTA universe outside the MOBA.

So, we find a Auto Chess of strategic fighting on a board, where players must deploy and create combinations with the random heroes of their repertoire, with a gameplay almost identical to the successful Teamfight Tactics (TFT).

As you would expect, the game will abandon early access to become part of Steam's exclusives, although Android and iOS mobiles are also scheduled to arrive.

February 27


Breaking with racing titles focused on maximum speed and super-cars, we get this realistic competition simulator in which we will take the wheel of different off-road vehicles to compete through natural and artificial scenarios full of obstacles.

Although less rugged will be its launch, available on the main PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

February 28th

Metro Redux

In the absence of news and upcoming original releases (such as the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4), Nintendo continues to bet on game adaptations for its portable console, with the arrival of this atmospheric shooter based on the homonymous novels by Dmitri Glukhovsky.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV

After a first premiere on PC in the middle of this month, this installment of strategic warfare role It will land on PS4 to take us to medieval China and revive some of the most representative conflicts and conquests of the continent.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

Based on the well-known manga and anime of action and Japanese comedy, we get this arcade fighting game by teams of three, very similar to the style presented in other Bandai deliveries for franchises such as Dragon Ball or My Hero Academia.

And although the connoisseurs of One Punch Man are surely wondering what sense does a fighting game with a character capable of eliminating any opponent with a single punch, the truth is that our experience at the MGW 2019 showed us a delivery and A very well taken balance.

We close our list of upcoming releases with this delivery, which will also close the month of February with its landing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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